NP1 Zerkerlot vs Valk for Quetzmas?

Alright, I’ll cut straight to the cheese here. Xmas lotto is coming up and we’re all prepared to 3T the sh*t out of it I’m sure and as Fate/ would have it, I got a Valk spook yesterday. I already have a fairly reliable 3T setup with Zerkerlot, I’ve seen that the final node has some pretty chunky enemies and I’m worried that Zerkerlot might not be able to score enough overhit kills to refund and I’m sure Valk would outperform him in this particular instance.

So should I maybe try to level Valk now and try to get her prepped in time for the lotto? Would it even be worth it to do now? I was also maybe considering going a little harder earlier on to maybe score some more embers so that by the time the final node opens I might have her up and running but I’m not sure how realistic that is. Skill-wise, I think I have enough mats to maybe get her S1 and 3 to level 7 or 8. Not sure if that would be enough.

Seen some vids of her NP1 3T’ing it but they had high end CEs like Kscope and maxed skills so I don’t think I can expect the same results. Would appreciate some insight here since I’m sure there are plenty who have 3T’ed with Valk before. How much would I have to put into her to make her work for Quetzmas?

Check out the farming sheets

Valk does have an np1 compatible comp using HNS waver and double skadi. Since you are too new for HNS, Aerial Dive is a very good alternative with only 5% less np strength for non buster np’s

Zerkalot’s comps have big red warnings about refund issues if his attack values are below a certain amount. If you are probably not going to refund that first wave, slip in arash for w1 and then circumvent that issue.


Okay, I’ll prioritize her more (sorry Mordred) since I did some more research and her looping reqs seem pretty lenient. Probs gonna do more damage than Zerkerlot too. Thanks.


Full 2x advantage over universal 1.5x advantage works wonders when the classes align


laughs in foreigner

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Okay, nearly universal. Advantage over all but 3 servants in NA is still pretty darn universal

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I’m just waiting for extra class mobs

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The angry mango interlude has all those mini mangoes, does that count?

oh yea, I had fun with bb there