NP2 Beserker Lancelot vs. NP2 Parvati?

Hey fellas! Just wanted to get a better opinion on who to get this free ticket. Got both Lancelot (beserker) and parvati at NP level 1. Plan on getting skadi myself when she comes up. Thanks in advance!

I’m biased towards Lancelot as he’d be more versatile with class advantage against more classes than Parvati, and Parvati has better NP refund mechanism (10% refund from NP and 3-turn NP gain buff, as opposed to Lancelot’s 1-turn), so hitting overkill threshold would be more important for Lancelot.

Then again you’ll probably get spooked by either of them here and there as you play, I have NP4 Lancelot without ever rolling a banner he’s on rate up. I’ll be using my ticket for my first Parvati.

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Berserkelot will do more damage and is more generally applicable because Berserker but he requires a lot more setup to loop requiring either a superscope or plugsuit Waver to loop consistently.

Parvati on the other hand will do less damage and is a bit less generally applicable (still can be used generally against things that aren’t Sabers just need np levels) but is far far easier to setup basically just needing a Kaleidoscope and mages association 20% charge and she’ll loop no fuss no muss.

If you have Waver or a superscope Lancelot is the better choice but if not Parvati is definitely the way to go.


This is a very valid point, I totally assumed that OP has a roster that enables Skadi looping with either Lancelot or Parvati, but Lancelot does require either an MLB scope or plugsuit Waver. Without any of those Parvati would be the better choice since you won’t be able to loop with Lancelot in the first place.