Np2 Medea Lily or Martha

I was recently lucky enough to get Medea Lily from the story summon. She was originally going to be my selected servant for the upcoming 4* exchange ticket but now that I have her is it worth getting her np2 for the extra heal or should I get Martha for her utility to remove all of the team’s debuffs with a skill. I know that Martha can spook me anytime while Medea Lily is story locked but I don’t know. What do you guys think is the extra heal from Medea’s np worth it?

If I’m reading her servant profile correctly
(and there’s every chance that I’m not reading it correctly)
after interlude, an NP1 will heal 4000, while an NP2 will heal 5000

is 1000 significant, I guess :-?

I see, it’s difficult for me to choose given how much utility these two have but I don’t know while 1000 might not seem like a big difference I could get spooked by Martha any time. Thanks for the help

there will be both a 3* Caster and a 4* Caster who have debuff removal in a skill

the 4* is non-limited and ~should~ be available later this year
but the 3* is story-locked and only appears in around two years

so I guess if you’re willing to wait, you could grab the 3* easily…but that’s very long game already

Depending on your gameplan, an extra 1K heal on Medea Lily can be pretty significant, considering it’s further amplified by her 3rd skill and CE choice. Furthermore, arts chains can allow you to get several NPs during a single fight.

However, take into account all Medea Lily does is heal, and more often than not, she’s providing much more healing than you would need.

Martha is a pretty good utility unit. A decent partywide heal with debuff removal, as well as enemy buff removal. These combo well for many Challenge Quests. With a combined 50% defense debuff between her 3rd skill and NP, she’s also granting some offensive support.
If you do pick her and get spooked later, then she starts to become a decent wave clearer with her NP2+.

If you think you need Martha’s toolkit for future quests or to help your own roster, then I’d go for her.
Otherwise, I’d probably try to see if there’s a 3rd servant that piques your interest. Medea Lily already does her job really well at NP1.

are you missing any other story locked 4-stars?

because I’d still say to prioritize those myself, if so

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I’m also considering Lalter because of how good Lancer she is. (And also waifu reasons) So I guess I will have to choose between those two

just a friendly reminder: if you plan on rolling the merlin banner, lalter is on it as well, and could of course show up to you via that

But still that doesn’t guarantee I will get her. It’s better to ensure np1

I mean if you’re gonna roll the banner, then simply wait until you’re done, and if you don’t get, then use the ticket. since you’ll have the entire duration of the banner to exchange it. no need to rush on day 1

especially since iirc, her np isn’t all that notable for her kit. so np2+ wouldn’t be as big a deal

Seconding MUGI. I intend to roll for Merlin, and LAlter is one of my picks now that I’ve lucked into obtaining pretty much all of my priority picks. Besides, the ticket lasts for a good while/until the end of the event, so unless you put off rolling and ticketing until the last literal possible moment, you’ll def have time to think on it. Plus you called her waifu, so she has value other than gameplay.

As someone with Lily and Martha, meanwhile, I’d sooner pick Martha. Yes, Lily is story-locked and hard to come by, but she’s kind of awkward in that she’s either definitely a bottom-tier pick for comps (stalling is better done by Jeanne, Mash gives hard survival on a spammable NP, etc.), or top-tier (the Hassan Party CQ come Nerofest, Demonic Bodhisattva Kiara which isn’t even necessary given CCC gives you enough KP to neuter her into being a joke of a boss), due to the way in which FGO plays. Martha, at least, is unique in her ability to debuff cleanse and buff-strip on entry (which definitely made her worthwhile to me during Nerofest and Solomon).

Speaking from experience since I got Martha as my starter, I think that you shouldn’t waste the ticket on Martha. Despite her party Debuff clear being very useful, she is terrible at everything else. I find that she really isn’t worth that one servant slot, because both her hp and atk are really bad, with my level 70 Martha dealing about 20k effective damage per enemy on her np, and struggling to deal more than 4k damage on her attacks. Frankly, you should go for np2 Medea Lily for the extra 1000 hp heal.

Any further discussion on this is a bit pointless since this ticket exchange has long since passed, but just for argument’s sake, I’m not sure you’ve really conclusively shown that Medea (Lily) is a better pick here.

Regarding Martha’s damage, it is undoubtedly paltry for her class, but she does outdamage Lily by a considerable amount. She has higher attack, a better class modifier, and (for better or worse) higher star absorption.

It’s also worth noting that Tarasque will receive an upgrade in the future that comes with 100% additional base damage and a 20% Buster up. This isn’t going to make her offensive performance stellar, but it’s an improvement nonetheless.

Using her instead of Medea (Lily) effectively provides a trade-off of healing utility for better damage, especially versus Casters. As far as I can tell, at least for higher end content, dedicated healers just don’t work that well compared to more efficient defensive/stall compositions, and some damage is going to be preferable to none. Martha’s utility manifests in a different way than Medea, yet ultimately it will prove more useful to the team.

I think a fair enough argument could be made for both, but Martha is by no means worthless in comparison. As was mentioned before, though, there are way better options beyond these two for a free ticket.