NP2 Parvati or NP1 Lancelot for DSS? Or just go with Nyanta?

Exactly as the topic reads. With the coming SR ticket in November (yes, I know I have time, it’s just that this has been eating at me) I decided to do a gameplay pick. With Skadi deciding to grace my Chaldea I naturally tried out the infamous Skadi looping with my Parvati. She can loop quiet consistently but has been struggling in a few waves and has some struggle getting her NP up the subsequent waves. Mind you my Skadi is 7/2/7, so it could just be the skill levels. Furthermore I don’t have superscope. I haven’t tried Lancelot much (as I don’t have him) but I hear he can’t DSS without NP 2 (I’m unlikely to get him at NP2 unless he spooks me). I will ge rolling for Kama as well where Parvati will have a rate-up.

Considering this, who is better, NP2 Parvati or NP1 Zerklot? Or better yet should I choose Nyanta who is a ST powerhouse with Skadi? I already have a Vlad and a Grailed to 90 Penth (with Merlin) to fill the ST zerk niche, but I really liked Nyanta’s gameplay, it’s so much fun.

Of course all of this is considering Lanling isn’t available with the SR ticket

Go with NP2 Parvati. It’s not possible to 3 turn loop with Zerklot without a superscope. I have np1 Zerklot and I just get Arash to clear the 1st wave and then 2 turn skadi loop the rest.


I second this. Parvati is simply much more consistent and NP2 will give her more damage for even more consistency in her looping.

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I guess NP1 zerklot can’t really loop then huh? If I was gonna use Arash then I might as well use my normal 3T comps, I wanted Zerklot for CE flexibility but guess that’s not to be. Well NP 2 Parvati here I come if Lanling’s not in the selection of course

Technically he can. K-scope plus Mage Association MC, or K-scope plus plugsuit plus anyone who can provide a 20% Charge.

But as for his NP1… yeah, that’s the deal breaker there. Skadi’s Quick buff is massive at 50% each for 100%, but without accompanying buffs of other buff types (ATK or NP Damage buff) the damage doesn’t rise as spectacularly as someone might expect. And for Zerkerlot, he relies a lot on overkill to boost his NP Gain because his NP Gain skill only lasts 1 turn.

If someone can’t loop consistently against the 40AP QP Daily (Caster enemies give more NP Gain than other classes), then there’s no way they can consistently loop against other classes.

Parvati not only has her own additional Quick and NP Gain buffs, but her NP itself provides a 10% Charge after it’s used, so she only really needs to refund 39% at minimum. And if she falls short once, her third skill can provide an additional 10%. All in all, she’s much more stable and less likely to fail compared to Zerkerlot, even if we disregard the higher NP level.


Been trying out a NP 1 support Zerklot with my own Skadi and I can’t say the damage is as high as Parvati’s, even with 1 Skadi Parvati can loop consistently provided I can get her a bit of support, even at NP1, her real trouble is against high HP bosses that she can’t overkill. So I think NP 2 might be a better choice than NP 1 zerklot. That being said, I do have NP2 Valks (just not there on the skills) who fill the same niche as Parvati, and that’s something to consider.