NP3 Anastasia Vs NP 1 Da Vinci

In terms of farming is Np3 capable of making up for Anastasias lackluster Np damage. I also have Da Vinci so is she still generally the better option or not?

In farming terms, Da Vinci isn’t even on the table if refund looping is your aim.

If your expectation is one good AoE NP, then Da Vinci with her strengthened NP and high chance of an additional steroid will offer the better burst (assuming equal NP levels), though Nastya isn’t bad on her own burst turn.

With Da Vinci at NP1 and Nastya at NP3, though…that’s 600% mod for Da Vinci vs. 675% mod for Nastya, and the latter actually has refund potential.


I have both at NP1, and because of her NP interlude, Da Vinci just hits alot harder when her NP damage buff procs. But Anastasia is still better when given proper support because she has the hit counts to refund her NP faster. And because you have her at NP3, Anastasia is a bit better than any other NP1 SSR Caster.

Da Vinci offers the ease of not relying heavily on Mlb scope. While Anastasia can really make good use of the MLB Scope with her 50% battery and another support plugged in.

I don’t have Nero Bride so I don’t know how Magical Girl of Sapphire with double Bride + Tamamo is but the damage will be much higher then Da Vinci’s at NP1. Looping Caster’s isn’t very difficult so at this point you’ll be aiming for the right amount of damage.

Alternative option- Da Vinci for Wave 1 who can provide the 20% charge for your main dps to clear wave 2&3 (along with the 10% and NP strength) before swapping Vinci out for another support.

Considering Castoria next year, your CE’s options will vary. I don’t like relying on Painting Summer but if damage isn’t the issue and looping is, you can try this ce assuming you do not have Magical girl of Sapphire/Scope Mlb. Painting Summer often helped close the gap I needed for Salieri & Murasaki but after obtaining mlb scope I stopped using it altogether.

But again you are comparing Anastasia a Caster to a Rider so if we’re assuming Anastasia will be doing Caster’s it’s safe to say she can clear most of them though the big hp gold enemies may eat Anastasia’s NP and still live while her buffs expire. Such as a Daemon.

Remember that Caster Da Vinci still exists :slight_smile:

Safe to assume the OP isn’t comparing Rider to Caster.


Ngl, I did forget her existence as a Caster… In that case I have zero knowledge on her. I also thought OP meant Rider Vinci due to both Anastasia and Lily being AoE, my error.


It’s possible that you read it right, but that would be weird on the OP’s part. If they think NP3 Nastya is potato, NP1 Rider Vinci would barely qualify as hash browns.


Obviously any answer is going to depend on which other servants and CEs are in your box, and just which combination of buffs they can supply, but in isolation?

Firstly, Da Vinci and Anastasia both have triple-Arts decks and an Arts AoE NP. Da Vinci’s has one-hit, while Anastasia has 4. Don’t expect a lot of refund from DV, even under a Double Castoria setup, let alone Tama/Bride. Anastasia has four hits, and is technically loopable, though it might require plug support.

Their stat lines are almost identical, tied for HP, with Da Vinci having a whole 52 attack more at level 90.

It does help that Da Vinci has an NP interlude though, bumping her up to 600% at NP1.
At NP3, Anastasia has a 675% damage rating.

Da Vinci has an 85% chance of 20-30% NP strength up, and another 30-70% on her overcharge. Assuming level 10 skills, that the chance based buff actually procs, and OC1, that’s an additive buff of +60% NP strength. Assuming you can hard charge her, say with a command spell, subsequent NPs still have a 30% NP strength buff.

Anastasia has a 50% Arts Mana Burst for one turn, and a 20% Charisma for three. Different buffs multiply into each other, for an overall 80% damage boost for the first turn, and you can theoretically loop, possibly with some help, and still retain the 20% attack boost.

Wait are you trying to say you’re going to roll for np3 Anastasia or already have her at np3? What kind of ces do you have? Do you have Tamamo and/or Waver? These questions matter.

I think OP already rolled for NP3 Anastasia and NP1 Da Vinci. In which case, in general the former is going to be better from virtue of having a higher base NP modifier. The OP is most likely wondering who is worth investing resources to build a team around.


I rolled her on accident was going for qin liangyu. But I have def have the ces and support servants to make all this work. So I’ll probably be using Anastasia. And I did mean caster Da Vinci. Thanks the advice here is good.

Anastasia with her Arts Up vs Da Vinci if her NP damage buff triggers.

Anastasia without her Arts Up vs Da Vinci if her NP damage buff misses.

Short version: Ana has better/more reliable burst and sustained damage, which might change with Da Vinci’s future buff, and is the better Looper of the two.

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Of course, you go for her.

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