NP4 Skadi or 5 Rare Prisms

I know, it sounds ridiculous. Debating whether or not to raise the NP of an SSR. My Skadi is currently at NP3 and I randomly got another copy while trying for Lartoria yesterday, now I have no idea what to do with this copy. Going to NP4 feels like it would do literally nothing to her gameplay seeing as it’s the least important part of her kit and the bonus isn’t even that huge. I’m only tempted to do it for the sheer power of saying I have an NP4 Skadi (Muhwahwahwa, evil laughter ad infinitum). Meanwhile, Rare Prisms can be hard to come by, and five would be a nice little saving for the bond level expanders which come out later this year. So I’m torn! People of the community, share your wisdom with me, please and thank you!

Her NP levels are irrelevant, but if you want to make her card look prettier, go ahead and keep her.

I pulled a second Skadi off of random tickets and made mine NP2 despite knowing it made no difference. I can’t bring myself to burn any SSR that isn’t already NP5.


A higher NP level will make her more appealing on the support list otherwise burn the witch (just realize Rare Prisms become easier to come by next year).

No one who knows anything about the game will note a support Skadi’s NP level or care about it.

Normally when we say that an NP upgrade is “useless,” it’s hyperbole. This is not hyperbole; it’s a really bad upgrade. Close to being literally useless.

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You say that but I tend to pick higher NP level Wavers despite not seeing his NP in about a year.

That’s a you thing, I guess :slight_smile:

Ah yeah, the only reason I would put her to NP4 is the sheer ego stroking of it. Bigger numbers look better on the surface and all that. First Karna in the GSSR, now suddenly four of an SSR who only needs NP1 - what warped luck. Sadly I didn’t prepare materials for her in advance because I was unsure whether to roll or not, so now I’m stuck at 8-8-10 with no materials yet. Aurora Steels take forever to farm!

She may one day receive a strengthening for her NP that may make NP levels matter, So I wouldn’t burn them but it would at least be in more than 2 years since JP doesn’t have one yet.


I never valued rare prisms as much as i do SSRs so i’d raise her NP despite of the minor bonus it gives. You most likely won’t get another chance at having Skadi NP4 but you will get 5 rare prisms with other methods, they’re making them easier and easier to obtain on JP after all.


Ladies and gents, we have a winner. One more NP4 Skadi born into the world. Now I’m really tempted to try going whole hog and getting my first NP5 SSR. It seems viable with this luck, but my wallet won’t allow it this month. So it’s all on tomorrow’s summoning tickets!

I would probably take the rare prisms personally. Skadis np doesnt benefit that much based on the type of NP it is. Her skills are mainly what make her amazing.
U can never have too many rare prisms. Especially if dw decides to add welfare servants for missed events to the shop. Already they had christmas attilla for a few rp per copy. So if u havent been playing since day one and missed welfare servants, those rp might be ur only chance. And considering, u probably wont be burning extra copies of other gold servants either cause they usually benefit from multiple np.

Fortunately the only welfare I’m missing now is Irisviel and she’s popping up again in a couple of months anyway. The only thing I’m really thinking about is expanding my top servant’s bonds so I can start using them again in general quests without wasting that grind. Momma Raikou needs to be able to get back in the farming game already!

I would say that Rare Prisms all the way, he NP doesn’t increase a lot nor is super useful, but those can go to a good mistic (basicly anni blond) or all the life quality ce’s (mona lisa, lunch box, etc)

I really wonder though why people who have more than 1 Skadi raise her NP instead of taking advantage of TSS . DSS?? Pfffff… Why double if can triple :fgo_illya:

For ego stroking? Nothing say more than showing you have skadi in caster & all slot, 1 fully leveled 10/10/10 while the other can lv 70 10/10/10 or esport 10/-/-. That’s what i’ll do though, IF i can got her again :fgo_insane:

Because every time I think I’m going to do something esporty like that, I remember that I don’t care because it’s not that fun. Farming those extra mats is really not fun.

Another (probably useless) viewpoint: that 5 rare prism might became unregistered spirit origin in the future.