NPC’s no longer have ‘stun’ time

Anyone else notice this off the last update? It’s caught me by surprise a few times. Makes a difference in the NPC fights, they are a little bit closer now. Nothing a mature account can’t easily adapt to but… certainly it’s there.


Was about to make this topic, I just got dumptrucked by Arlo and his Fury Cutter Night Slash Gligar, hits so fast without the stun lock

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Ya, Sienna took me down this morning. Had to actually make a team with legit counters. No big deal right, but not just automatic generic team.

I‘d assume it‘s just a bug with the latest update (like usual) that gets fixed sooner or later. Although I gotta say, I don‘t mind that the Rockets are a bit more challenging through that, not gonna lie.


I noticed this a few days ago with shadow battles, but then suddenly it went back to normal (ish) so perhaps just a glitch. I don’t mind if shadow battles get a little more difficult BUT I would cut back significantly and only do battles for which I truly want to catch the shadow. Without the stun time many battles (except the very very easy ones) would require more potions than justified for the reward.

It is a bug that comes with the latest update and is known to Niantic, from the know issuses page:

Last updated: December 1, 2021

After a Charged Move or switch, there is no attack delay from Team GO Rocket or Team Leader.
Issue description:
After a Charged Move or a switch, Team GO Rocket and Team Leaders are expected to pause before they begin fast attacking the Trainer again. However, the pause does not happen, which may increase difficulty in battling.
Issue status: Resolved in upcoming release (0.225.2)


Marvellous I’m glad that’s going to be fixed, beating them is never a problem, but the time it takes is a pain in the arse.

I quite like it and enjoy the challenge. Then again, I like Dark Souls and seem to enjoy getting beaten up by a computer.

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Have there been introductions of “Critical hits” in the game? I had a devil of a time with Arlo today where it seemed like my Mamoswine was just unable to reliably damage the Gligar - sometimes it left the Gligar with half health, and sometimes it left it with 1 Powder Snow hit left. Same thing with the Lapras after, for both a Metagross and Machamp. Sometimes I almost beat it with 1 Pokemon, but most of the time it would take 2.

I don’t remember Team Rocket leader fights being THAT wildly different in terms of Damage being done (and maybe taken, I was more focused on the Opponent health than my own Pokemon health).

I had to update PoGo to keep playing, but I do believe they fixed this bug… I do not know what other bug they created but I’m sure time will tell :innocent:

Ya, fixed. Fought Sierra this morning with the usual Garchomp solo, barely gets scratched.

Now there are no trade bonuses. Doing something without messing other things is impossible.

As of today, my shadow battles still do not pause for “stun time”. The new update was forced two days ago and no resolution. Thanks again Niantic tech team. If you worked for a real company you would have been kicked to the curb ages / thousands of bugs ago. They should outsource their tech to an Asian supplier and things would improve immediately and substantially.