Now that I have your attention…

Who do you think the silhouette characters are? I’m guessing Genny on the left and Luthier or Libra on the right


Ehh, they’re too skinny to be Libra on the right, and I hope to God it’s not Lucius.

I’d say Olivia, but I’d be lying to ,myself (unless she’s not shown which would be one helluva fucking surprise).

Sadly, I must say, it looks like a fucking Azura alt.


I said Luthier not Lucius and Olivia already has two alts so I don’t want to see her again, it’d be fucked if she had an Emblem before Alm and Seliph’s first alt.

And Azura’s back is small af while the person on the right looks a little bigger


The one on the right looks female, and I highly doubt Luthier, he’s not that popular of a character from what I know


Every single time IS puts silhouettes I just go “I may have played basically all the games except Thracia, but I seriously never have any idea who they will be based on silhouettes.” It happens every time! Like clearly my math-related brain opposed to an artistic related one just makes this impossible for me.

Also every name I’ve seen thrown out related to these silhouettes so far just has me like


Like easy pass.


Luthier would be legendary but it looks like two female anatomy


Ehh, you say that but fucking Camilla has no bearing and has more than Seliph or Alm, so IS doesn’t give two shits at this point.

That aside, I still don’t think it’s Luthier. It looks like a girl to me.

Still, I hope it’s Olivia. You may not want another one, but hey if a shitty character like Camilla can get so many alts, why not Olivia :smiley:


Camilla is way more important than Olivia and I hate Camilla, so I don’t think it’s fair to compare the two. Although I understand wanting an alt for one of your favorite characters.


Well excuse me but though that is partially true I still think Olivia deserves one! (Cries internally)

Seriously though I got P!Arts I can’t ask for much more with how good her art and VA is, so I’m content as is.

I just hope it’s not Fates again. Sure, we haven’t had a Fates character for a wee bit now, but just make the dream last longer.


Lets not say the evil purple name until shes on the bride banner


“Welcome the warm weather”…

Does that imply we’re getting summer units super early? Their Spring focus will be just ending…


I think its a pun on Genny. In like a Lion out like a lamb is a common phrase to suggest the warming of the weather from March to April.


So just spring basically


Yeah I feel that it’s a transitioning Seasonal, similar to how we got the dancing event with Elincia and Xander and whatnot between summer and fall.

PS: Caps not working help


When Micaiah is just reduced to a “whatnot”


Right is Saias, Fite me.


I think the trailer will be a better opponent than I could be


What if it’s Delthea on the right? She has the bow, the hair is really long but they could be a veil? Idk


Okay this one is actually kinda valid (maybe)


Delthea cant use a bow though. But they arent limit to what they can use so who knows