Null follow-up not working properly?

So I ran into a weird interaction where my Micaiah didn’t make a follow-up again a Brave Hector when she has Null follow-up. The seal should be nullifying his weapon from preventing her follow-up, they do speed tie which should be irrelevant here, and her refine is active.

I couldn’t find any other effects that would be enabling Hector or disabling Micaiah of taking away her follow-up either. I even recreated it with my own Hector and the result was the same. Any ideas? :feh_genny_mug:

Hector has 39 spd, same as Micaiah, so she just doesn’t win the spd check.

Still need speed to double, even with NFU.


Three factors are at work here.

Micaiah’s Thani has a forced follow up, which B-Hector’s Hardy Fighter disables

B-Hector’s Maltet gives him deny follow up and forced follow up, which Micaiah’s NFU disables

Since all forced follow ups and deny follow ups are disabled, the matchup becomes purely based on Spd. Micaiah and B-Hector have the same Spd, so she can only hit him once, and he can only hit her once.


Shit, I forgot that Hardy fighter disabled follow-ups. Okay, now I’m at peace knowing what happened, while still being salty because I’m tired of savior teams in AR. Anyway, thanks for the reply! :catsob:


Honestly I’m mostly surprised to see a B!Hector hit that much speed. I guess that’s mythic blessings for ya.


It’s easy to forget with how many armors dump Spd nowadays but B-Hector’s Spd is actually quite decent

Plumeria and Elimine are certainly helping, but for an armored unit, B-Hector is not that slow.


I mean I still wouldn’t call 22 base all that great. But then again I’m someone who built a speed Reinhardt (23 base plus the -5 from DT) so I’m not exactly one to judge.


That’s why I said “for an armored unit”

When you got competition like this, B-Hector’s downright speedy