Null Follow-up seal…

Okay. I made a post similar to this a few weeks back about a similar topic, but it turned out that I was being an idiot. But I feel like the Null-follow up seal hasn’t been working as it should be. I noticed this example with an Embla that I fought in AR, and I’m using my own to test it out. Embla has an effect that if 2 or more allies are within 3 columns or rows of her, her opponent cannot make a follow up attack. Micaiah, has a guaranteed follow up, and. Null-follow up seal on her.

So from my understanding, Embla’s follow up negation and NFU should be canceling each other out, which would mean that Micaiah would be able to make her guaranteed follow-up now. But she doesn’t? Idk if it’s an issue with the seal, or something stupid that I’m overlooking.

These Micaiah initiating against Embla without NFU, when and without Embla’s negation being active.

These are the same thing but with NFU.

They do the same thing, so NFU isn’t even doing anything when it should be? I’d like to get opinions from others before I go mentally insane :feh_lilinaburn:

Edits: The photos did not want to upload in order no matter how hard I tried

NFU cancels effects that manipulate follow-ups in the enemy’s favor. However, NFU is not itself considered a form of follow-up manipulation by the game, since it doesn’t actually force or deny any attacks on its own.
In your scenario, Micaiah has full NFU, and Embla has enemy NFU, where she only stops your forced follow-ups. Micaiah’s NFU isn’t doing anything, since the game doesn’t interpret any of Embla’s effects as follow-up manipulation. Embla’s NFU is preventing Micaiah’s forced double when her condition is met.

tldr - NFU doesn’t cancel NFU


Ooooooooooooookay, that makes more sense. I’ve legit been playing this game since day 1 and have apparently been misinterpreting this skill the whole time. My interpretation was since the enemy’s null was attempting to stop my manipulated follow-up, NFU’s “effects that prevent unit’s follow-up attacks during combat.” would apply. If that makes sense.

So in the end, the aforementioned effect would only prevent enemy effects that are preventing me from following up in a SPD check. Time to swap out that seal on Micaiah I guess LOL. Thanks for the help :feh_michalisyeee: