Nurse of Steel Euthanizes a Nymphomaniac

Waheyyyy. Way shorter than my George run, but then again I was milking that one.

Will see what I can do with KingProtecc later.


… i wanna do that too
Luckily enought, I just pulled her 2 weeks ago :heart_eyes:

Be aware you NEED her skills at 10/10/10 to do this, tried it a few times with 7/7/7 and S1 & S2 don’t come up often enough to sustain her health.

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Np, right the moment I pulled her, even before I ever thrown her into the field, she was already 10/10/10.

I did it too, and it took me exactly 87 turn.

So proud of her.
Fun fact, it was her very first battle since I pulled her o.o

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