NY Keaton Build suggestions

Hi guys I build a NY Keaton for arena so I want that you tell me if I need change something (I know I need the superboon +atk but I not have mangoes) and other thing is if you can give me other build options for the game modes like Loki or something for AR (yeah I know I’m crazy) :ak_swiresmug:


That’s pretty much my build for him except I’m running Bonfire instead of Blue Flame and Swap instead of Reposition


He has some potential on anima defense, like, if you can somehow get some pulses going, get him up to a bonfire at least and use him to pulse Oliver…team might look like this, ordered by HP

Ninian+1 (can block B.Fjorm with all the mythic blessing HP, facilitates transformations)
G.Rafiel+4 +6DF or higher investment (double HP+5, WoM)
NY Keaton (QP bonfire)
Oliver (time’s pulse glacies)
Seiros (heavy blade glacies? pre-charged iceberg?)
Thrasir (pre-charged luna)
Mirabilis (ground orders) or harmonic Dorothea

It looks like a gimmick team to me because pulse smoke mostly kills it and I’m not sure how you even construct a frontline with that composition, but people will lose to it even in the lower ranks of the vault.


Did someone say Arena NY Keaton?!

Here’s what mine runs, I use him to IP Arvis and Chrom but that aside, he’s an outright Green Fiend on Water season. His Res is low enough to bait L!Azuras and Peonies away from refreshing their allies and has the chops to go toe-to-toe with Impact Chrom and Dimitri.

As for the other skills, Rally Up+ and BF for scoring potential. Special Spiral to keep Blue Flame ready, and Atk/Def Form because it helps him live those Dimitri encounters.


I don’t have him, so I used the unit builder. These are my ideas

Consider the Threat. Atk/Def as Atk/Def Menace.

I guess this 3 builds are similar, just a physical tank.


And anyone know one build for the mode of Loki?

I usually have mine run Sturdy Impact, Quick Riposte, Smoke, and Bonfire there.

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