NY!Selkie build opinion

Can you give me some advices on this build? I hope it’s a good one and doesn’t need any more improvements but I want to know also your opinions!


What is this build for?(arena, ar, general-purpose)

This is my relatively low investment unit, and she slays. It’s unfortunate she–and Distant Ward–are seasonal.

It’s a good build. The Lull skill definitely does her a lot of favors. She actually has a lot of directions that you can go with her, considering she has a slaying, damage reduction, and true damage effect on her weapon but at the end of the day her primary role is being a magic and dragon tank, which your build on her will perform very well at.

But as I said there are other options you can run. For example here’s what I’ve been running on mine that I’ve had a lot of fun with:


Imo, she’s one of the best WoM beacons in the game. She’s easy to get to 50%, but real hard to kill.

She’ll slot really well into a lot of teams since she’s awesome all by herself. She’s a competent Galeforce unit too, just have to make sure she stays transformed

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I think that’s a good anti mage/dragon build

Apparently she’s a good galeforcer but that requires more investment

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