Nyalter vs MHXA Np Damage

Does anyone know offhand who will do more damage on their NP, assuming no buffs: NP2 Nyalter or NP1 MHXA?

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NP2 Atalante. Seems like that’d be obvious.


Well you never know, for example Squirtoia is only barely outdamaged by an NP5 Chloe, so I thought it was worth asking. Thanks for your quick reply @GrailedAstolfo

You may find this useful in the future! It only does NP damage so it isn’t as good as full fledged calculators, but it’s pretty easy to work with for NP damage: NP Damage Calculator

If you ever want a truly full fledged calculator, this is the best imo (make sure you make a copy for yourself in drive, otherwise people will work on it at the same time you do and it gets messy): Spreadsheet Calculator

For general command chains, Gamepress’s own calculator is very nice :smile:


I guess it depends on the card type. Quick NPs have the biggest jump in modifier per level, and they also end up dealing the most NP damage of all card types.


That’s interesting, I didnt know that. So they even out damage buster NP’s? I know they can give back a lot of refund which is why Skadi looping is a thing @GrailedAstolfo

Thanks a bunch!

Based purely on NP modifiers, yes.
For example, NP1 Herc has a buster NP with mod of 600%, with buster card mod that’s 900% effective modifier.
While Atalante Alter has 1200% at the same level, and with quick card mod it’s 960%.
This applies to AoE NPs as well.

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Np! Just don’t forget to factor in things like additional ATK from ur CEs, etc.

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That interesting. Thanks for letting me know!

No need to worry, with the latest update release on Summer Servants, she’ll receive “ironic on” for sure “ironic off” an Np buff on the heal skill just to be on par with archer Jeanne’s skills.