Objective aquired :feh_almdab:

I got him :feh_hridexcited:

Not sure about how useful he’ll be since I’ve got Hilda/Emboar already, but he’s the best boi so it’s fine. Gottem on my third x10 Scout. :feh_arvisboneappetite:

Anyone else get anything? No real reason to pull on this one beyond liking him tbh. I think so anyway, still haven’t beat the story let alone play co-op much so I don’t really know what’s hot and what’s not


Congrats! Hopefully those three ×10 didn’t take away a lot of gems, at least for any future ‘wants’. As you say, it’s all fine as long as you like it, most of all. Any spent will be worth if it was enough to pull. But this Sync Pair sure has its good things as well!

Eruption is a really fun move to spam on an AoE unit, I myself would like to pull one some day (I would also complete the Johto starters trio with him as I already have Feraligatr and Meganium). Emboar and Infernape are focused on ST, but Typhlosion does his job well. Make sure to keep it healthy enough, though, or at least take advantage of it until you have accomplished everything you would like from him in a battle, especially in co-op, as other Pairs will be more consistent in the long run when it comes to dealing damage.

So far I don’t intend to spend gems on this one since I aim to get Leaf and Eevee at 5/5 and make their Sync Move the most useful as possible. Maybe if I’m lucky soon enough and still have a lot of gems, but I’m also interested on saving for Serena and some good Fairy-type Striker (probably Diantha & Gardevoir), plus I’m already very happy with my own Hilda, which I failed at the first time but finally got her while being rated-up last Christmas. We’ll see.

Feel proud and enjoy Golden Boy! Haha

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I won’t pull for this one (and probably a couple more in the future) as I’ve poured everything on the Cynthia one. Plus, I’m very much contented with what 5*'s I got rn. But good get, nonetheless! :)

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