Obstagoon vs Azumaril in GL

I lead with the Goon. He has Gunk Shot. my opponent would switch to Azumaril so I charged more and fired Gunk Shot. 9 of out 10 times, they would not shield and Azumaril was down to a few HP. Why did they not shield ?

They probably didn’t knew you were going in for real and decide to not shield in fear of a bluff from Night Slash.

I think it’s easier to trick opponents into taking bait this season.

As an Azumarill user, I do not even know what moves Obstagoon has!

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I guess 75% of Obstagoon run Night Slash and Cross Chop, since GS takes a long time to load. In addition, the Goon is rare in GL, so some people might not know that he runs GS sometimes.
I ran hyperbeam in UL and it was also rarely shielded, cause there people expected either gunk shot or the little damage-NS or CC.

Counter, Lick, Night Slash, Cross Chop, Gunk Shot, Hyper Beam.

It’s usually Night Slash/Cross Chop, but Gunk Shot prevents you from being hard walled by fairies and is mandatory for GL.

It would be more logical to me that the Azumarill switches in because the player wants to regain switch advantage. And to do that, you can’t really afford to use a shield there. At least that’s what I’d think. Pretty sure everyone serious about GBL is familiar with Obstagoon’s moveset too since it was very common in Ultra League, and I’d rather assume them having Gunk Shot over Cross Chop in GL since that grass and fairy-type coverage is way more important than the additional fighting coverage (which you kind of already have in Counter and a great spammy rng STAB move in Night Slash)

Also I respect that Obstagoon ownage. I tried it, and really can’t seem to get it working

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Grass in GL is not a real argument pro GS - venusaur and victrebeel are poison-type and meganium can be handled with night slash as well (although it is more likely a draw). So basically you decide, do you want to have an easier time vs steel and umbreon (and the occasional normal/rock types) or do you want to prevent getting super-walled by any fairy type. In GL it is not that good anyway, so who cares ;)

The Goon is fast. The only two mons that I have problem with are Scraggy and Medicham

Lucky you - obviously never faced a (shadow) machamp…
I did five sets with my CC-NS GL goon and faced one shadow machamp, one normal and one medicham. Since then I never touched it again :/
UL goon worked so great for me, it brought me from 2300 to 2500

Seems Much better in UL though I haven’t tried it in GL. It handles gunfisk fine but the dark attacks matter less and not having the actual fighting typing means rock slide still hurts.
I’ve always liked vigoroth and it plays pretty similar at the cost of Some safety. Trading STAB body slam for STAB night slash is a bit of a downgrade as well.

Sounds like you’ve had good luck with gunk shot as a surprise nuke, which really elevates Obstagoons performance. Seems like a seasoned player would know if you’re low on health and have been charging for forever to shield, but GL is a league where one called bait can sometimes be the turning point of a match. Folks get greedy

There is a tendency to keep shields until the end. Why? I dont know. Its awkward to have 2 shields in the end and being erased by a shadow.

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Maybe because they didnt know there was a shadow rocking fast moves only in the back

I am lucky i guess. I keep a Hypno in the back to deal with Machamp and Scraggy. Only Medichamp is tháşż one i have problem with. 5 sets this morning, ran into Azumaril a lot and still no shield so Gunk Shot makes quick work. Enter rank 8 with 2100 point

They may not know Obstagoon has Gunk Shot or they may think you’re running different charge moves or they may think you didn’t have enough energy for Gunk Shot.

Goon with Cross Chop/Night Slash can’t beat azu, even if goon shields twice and azu never does.
Good with Gunk Shot/Night Slash wins the 2 shield and 0 shield matchups, but most PVP sites list the Cross Chop/Night Slash moveset as optimal.

Basically, you’re average under-informed, and even reasonably informed opponent will assume that goon has no chance in hell of beating azu. But if it lands a gunk shot, goon wins.