October Events

Whats your opinion on this? Now before Mr-Ex77 murders me, I think my favorite piece of info is this:

So what special raid boss is this? A legendary, a mythical, an unreleased mon, either way, i just hope its not disappointing.

Darkrai raids? Mega Gengar Raids has already been mentioned before.

Maybe he might or might not be so special depending on one’s point of view…I am hoping for Shadow Mewtwo.

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I already have a hundo, so I’m not that excited, but a shundo would be cool

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For the mega I’d say Gengar is favourite seeing as it’s been mentioned already. I’m not too bothered about megas, but each to their own.

For me a chance for shiny Sky Attack Moltres (I know it hasn’t been confirmed but Articuno getting Hurricane is promising) is good as I missed it previously but best of all my favourite Tina-O is back for a 2 week run with shiny chance.

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Galar Yamask is a thing 🤷🏻


The special raid boss will be gastly using an anti- corona virus mask, it will be able to be shiny, but not evolve, and be a tier 6 boss but to be able to beat it you will need at least 19 players with perfect counters.



I am definitely not into mega evolutions. Had some of the mega energy stuff for the starters and beedrill. I was thinking maybe mega Houndoom would be a good idea because of my perfect Houndour. Mega Genger was a sort of talking out loud comment because it was mentioned he would be released.

Galar yasmask. I got to google that…

Articuno in these current raids has Hurricane. Almost every single I caught came with it as a Charge move. The fast move has been various things but the Charge move has been hurricane.

As for the Halloween’s special, there was a note mentioned in the blog about fashion that named Kirlia with some bow or something appearing in raids. I don’t know if that’s the same one.

Now,… the thing about Hurricane is great and all, However,… it’s not all that much of a great move for PVP. It is slow as it requires a bunch of energy and comes up way too late.
I much prefer ICY WIND. I have them both on my Shadow Articuno and hardly use it.
Icy Wind has STAB and it’s quick and deadly.

Giratinia-O returning to raids. Yay. I have been trying to catch a slightly better IV Giratina-O to level up.

Good thing I saw this thread before I left for the Articuno raid hour to save my premium raid passes for him, although catching a great IV Articuno on the free raid pass helped too.


Way too soon to release Eternatus. The only Gen 8 stuff released is Galarian formes of previous gens.

It’s possible it could be Mega Gengar but the current event isn’t over yet. Unless we’ve already reached the criteria, Niantic could shoot themselves in the foot if we don’t. Then again I think most of us would agree that if we didn’t hit milestones Niantic would lie and day we did.

I’m going with Frillish. Niantic knows Jellicent will be good for pvp so why not get people to buy some raid passes.

They released Melmetal last year. It wouldn’t be so rare.

Wouldn’t it be Yveltal?

I’m sure that gen 6 only has 3 Legendaries.

Not even Keldeo and Meloetta have been released :stuck_out_tongue:

Could be a possibility

I’m sure whichever it is niantic will let us know 6, maybe 7, minutes before it starts


I can see Niantic releasing rotom to the general public or to go with mega themes, releasing mega banette. Somehow, I don’t see them releasing anything really cool like Yveltal just yet.


Yeah, seems a little early to start releasing Gen 6 legendaries when we are a ways from having all Gen 5 released. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think there are definitely some new releases that would make Halloween cool (my favorite recurring event!) such as: Frillish, G-Yamask, Mandibuzz, Sandile, Rotom (finally), Zoroark, Mega Houdoom and Mega Gengar. But none of those fit “a special raid boss” to go after Giratina-O. Since it looks like the “special raid boss” will only be in for about a week (Oct 23-31), I doubt it will be something new like Hoopa (which would have high demand). Seems the most likely is a Darkria re-run.

Ghost is my fave type; every one of the upcoming ghost types would be exciting, but if they leave some out again I’m gonna be kind of annoyed…
Ready for Jellicent and hoping for Galarian Yamask and Cursola

That was to promote the Let’s GO games.