Octopath Traveler appreciation (+Art dump)

I just wanted to write some in appreciation of this game, since I’m playing it through right now and I absolutely love it. :)
It’s a fairly basic JRPG really, you have a party and you fight stuff and explore. What you’d typically expect. So what’s the big deal?
I know for me personally I’ve never really delved much into RPGs in general (other than FE ofc) and I feel like this is really a great starting point. I feel like a lot of RPGs are strongly associated with anime and that turns a lot of people off (probably not most on here but you know?), so that’s a plus. Really the graphics are kind of ingenious, since it was made to be pixelated-ish it’s a lot easier to not be concerned with the graphics as much as the gameplay. You can argue they were just lazy but I think it’s a fair trade. It’s also a stand-alone, so you don’t need to get into an entire series to enjoy the game.
Overall, I think it’s what an RPG ought to be. Classic combat but far from bland. Even so, I don’t feel like it’s too much fighting. We’re all familiar with Feh chapters and those get predictable real fast, but this game takes a lot of time to tell the story, there’s a lot you can learn about characters and all without having to dig super deep. And of course there’s the whole 8-story thing, while it can get hard to follow at times once you learn to care for each of the characters it becomes a lot of fun. :feh_birbpeek:
Speaking of, the characters have a lot of depth overall and they’re all pretty likable. Cyrus is my personal favorite and has always been the one I’ve been the most intrigued about, a little egotistical but smart and amusing to boot. Olberic definitely runs a close second, though. If I had to put the rest in order, then probably H’aanit or Ophilia, Primrose or Therion, Alfyn, and finally Tressa. And even then, I still like Tressa pretty well. (Captain Leon is one of my favorite NPCs too :feh_birbpeek:) Special mention to Ophilia for my mind changing the most on, since initially I didn’t think I would like her that much. Her personality is quite pleasant. I could honestly write so much more about all of them but I don’t want to make this too long.
Anyway, since I was bored I started wondering how they would act as units in Feh, and here’s what I came up with. I told myself I wouldn’t spend too much time theorycrafting them, but here I am with full kits, so… (Definitely spent way too much time on them but oh well)

Wishful thinking

(Stat descriptions: Low, meh, mid, good, high)
(Also all infantry)

Olberic: The Unbending Blade, Sword
High HP/Atk/Def, meh-low Spd/Res
Unbending Blade: Cooldown count -1, Heavy Blade 4
Bonfire or Ignis
A: Sturdy Stance 3
B: Challenge: Lull Def (-4 instead of -3) and Hardy Bearing
C: Rouse Def/Res
I wanted him to be powerful but also have a lot of bulk, being the Unbending Blade of Hornburg he kinda needs to resist damage. Hardy Bearing prf skill because he’s a fair fighter, and Lull just cause.

Tressa: Young Merchant, Lance
High-good HP/Spd/Def, meh Atk/Res
Merchant’s Lance: If unit has a bonus, grants omni +3 during combat. If foe has a penalty, grants omni +3 during combat. (Effects stack.)
A: Bracing Blow? (Not quite sure about this one)
B: Purchase: Atk/Def Link 2, if unit has a bonus, disables foe’s skills that prevent unit’s follow ups.
C: Odd Res Wave
I really wasn’t sure what direction to go with her, so I went with buff-reliant, though she has several buffing options. I was thinking a Threaten but I wasn’t sure? Her prf skill was hard but with the whole trade thing Swap and a stat boost seemed to make sense, toned down since half of NFU is also powerful.

Alfyn: Eager Apothecary, Axe
High HP, mid-good Atk/Spd/Def/Res
Apothecary’s Axe: Restores 5/10 HP on every hit, all assists used (by unit or targeting unit) grant +10 HP to the other unit
Ardent Sacrifice
B: Renewal (4?)( Restore 10 HP every turn)
C: Inquire: Spectrum Oath +4
Obviously the HP tank, well rounded as a rule but can also be an effective combat medic. Can take hits and sustain quite well. I see him as a unit with a flat statline, maybe a bit more Atk what with his somewhat aggressive personality. Maybe his prf skill should just be spectrum +3, idk.

H’aanit: Keen Huntress, Colorless bow and colorless beast duo/pair up? (I would want both of them to be the same unit but both can fight, but yeah :/ Not sure how that’d work)
High Spd, good Atk, meh-low HP/Def/Res
Huntress’ Bow: Beast effective, some sort of Spd boost
Snow Leopard Paw: Cavalry beast effects (but only 2 mov??? :/ ), Windsweep
A: Provoke: If unit initiates combat, deals damage = 70% of difference between unit’s and foe’s Spd. (Max 7.)
B: Lull Spd/Def
C: Even Spd Wave
The PP master, I wanted to make her Spd super high. Also gives her more damage output with her prf skill. If we had a Spd-based inheritable special she’d have it. She pays for it with her defenses though, as glass cannons do. Linde can attack at close range with little fear of retaliation though. :)

Cyrus: Knowledgeable Professor, Red Tome
High Res, good Atk, meh HP/Spd, low Def
Scholar’s Tome: Brave weapon, Res boost of some sort
A: Atk/Res Bond (4?)
B: Scrutinize: If unit’s Res > foe’s, neutralize buffs on foe and foe cannot double
C: Atk or Res Tactic
Kinda an off brand Rein, but also a Res wall to boot. Bond because he values sharing his knowledge, tactic is self-explanatory. I like what I came up with for his prf skill too, as his high Res can be put to even more use and make him a viable unit on EP as well, being workable mixed phase too.

Therion: Lone Thief, Green Dagger
High Spd, good Atk, meh HP, low Def/Res
Lethal Knife: :feh_desperation: and Atk/Spd Solo 2
A: Steady Blow 2
B: Steal: After combat, bonuses on foe are debuffed equal to their current buffs, and grants unit buffs equal to those debuffed on foe
C: Savage Blow
A typical dagger statline, offensively focused though. Maybe the weapon solo could be +10 damage on special? His prf skill was fun to make, not sure how useful it would be though. I see him being a potential demote, so Savage Blow can go if need be. If he were 5 star only he could have Spd/Def Solo.

Primrose: Memorable Flower, Blue/Red? Dagger (Red seems more fitting but color balance)
Good Atk/Spd/Res, meh-low HP/Def
Azelhart Dagger: Tyfring effect (miracle at >50% HP), deal damage = 20% of damage taken
B: Allure: Lull Atk (-4 instead of -3 though) and Guard when unit’s HP >50%
C: Drive Atk, Hone Atk 4, Joint Hone Atk, one of those
Sort of like Tethys’ statline, but with more Atk, since she has the goal of avenging her father. Some fun effects on her weapon and prf skill.

Ophilia: The Flamebearer, Staff
High Res, good HP/Spd, meh-low Atk/Def
Absorb as a normal but a prf: Damage reduction based off Res I suppose
Heavenly Light
A: Warding Stance (4?)
B: Guide: Live to Serve + grants warp to any ally within 2 spaces after healing
C: Drive Res
Prf skill would be lots of fun. Wasn’t entirely sure what to do with her, so I went Res stacking again. Since she wouldn’t be super offensively oriented I see damage reduction on her not being super cancerous. Also a potential demote, can take away Drive Res and just have Warding Stance 3.

For those who care, I’m on Chapter 4 for everyone except Cyrus, I finished him. Everyone’s Lv. 53-4 ish rn except Cyrus is 63 I think. (He was my protag.) I’m trying to get the super jobs but I’ve fought the Runeblade guy like 10 times and gotten destroyed every time, so…

Anyway, art dump time! I just googled some stuff so I don’t know where it all came from :/ But enjoy it, anyway. :feh_foxplush:

Art dump incoming, beware

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

One last one...

By me!
I know I’m no artist but I wanted to at least try. If I draw more later I’ll probably put it here too :)

Also @KGNova since I remember you asking me about it when I brought it up once :feh_birbpeek: Idk who else plays it on here though, though I’m fairly confident @Sir_of_Coffee has? He can make fun of me if I’m wrong
Anyway :)
If anyone wants more I can do that, just this is already kinda a huge post as is… Or you can contribute to it if you want too.
(Took WAY too much time making this btw :upside_down_face:)




Yay! :)

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I finished the game not to long ago. I got frustrated because of the late game grind so I went on a 3 month hiatus before finishing it. Final boss music is amazing.

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Octopath is honestly one of my favorite switch games! the visuals and music are an amazing eye/eargasm and the characters are all likeable! But WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE SERIES?? Didnt they say they were making a mobile game and a sequel only to vanish into thin air?


I’m really fine with it being a stand-alone, but more of Octopath would be cool
It’d be cool to follow some of the supporting character’s stories like Zeph, Leon, Therese, etc

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I honestly didn’t like how separated the characters are. All they do is comment on others stories, there is little interactivity between the party in the story aside from a few convos and barely in the end game.

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True, there’s not as much interaction as there could be :/
It’s definitely not a perfect game, there’s some frustrating parts, but I think overall it’s quite good :) But no duh since I took like a day making a thread about it


I looked through your post and you didn’t even say who you started with. Mine was Alfyn.

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Dang. I saw he was the one you finished but I guess I skipped the parenthesis.

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I absolutely adore Octopath and am happy to see someone making a topic about it finally

Primrose and Therion have always been my absolutely favorite characters


I see you’re a man of culture as well :feh_navarreculture:
You’re welcome I suppose :)


Oh my god, wtf, they’re my two favorites

This can’t be happening


I’m getting the noose ready for myself now, don’t worry, we can fix this


Should I be concerned???

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Spoilers for classes

The hidden classes are amazing by the way. Give Obleric or Ha’anit the War Master class and kill everything with a times 4 (insert name of move I forgot) same goes for the magical equivalent which casts all of the elements at once. (It’s been a while since I’ve played the game.)

Cody and I disagree on everything so when we agree on something, it causes us both to panic slightly :feh_tooobin:


I belive it’s Warmaster, Runeblade, Sorcerer, and Starseer.
Definitely want to give Olberic Warmaster and Cyrus Sorcerer, not sure about the rest though

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I have Octopath (along with Splatoon 2 and Xenoblade 2) loaned from my sisters boyfriend to borrow for a while. My friends on discord didn’t enjoy it because they thought it didn’t have a good enough story.

I was thinking of giving the game a shot once I’m done with Three Houses. How have people experienced their time with Octopath?