Oda Bakutsu or Shinsengumi?



I would like to know which of the 2 opposing armies in the next event (gudaguda Meiji restoration) give the most benefit?

2 questions!

you should join both for chacha NP5 ( Shinshen : 600 000 = 4 chacha , ODA 600 000 = 4 ascension)

The rest depends on your needs


Here’s a good breakdown of the event, what each faction gives, and why you want to grind both point ladders


It depends on the drops you’re after. The battles give slightly different ascension materials (if they drop that is). But the point ladders BOTH need to be cleared to get Chacha to max level and NP.

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if you are in no hurry and dont want to use chacha
do the one that gives np all the way
then do the other in the rerun


Oda hands down first. Hearts, Mana Prism and Lanugo


I’ll probably go for the point bonus CEs first. More AP efficient that way.


And which side you need to choose for that ?


So if we use apples, are we able to farm max points on both side? Or will one of the side wins the battle and ends the point farming?


Bonus point CEs are bought in the shop with dropped currency (Much like Guda-O in the current event), so it doesn’t really matter which side is picked. The side you pick determines which type of points you get, which will determine which point ladder you progress in. You’ll need to earn 600k on each side to fully ascend Chacha (Oda Points) and max out her NP (Shinsengumi Points).

@Pandarilla Point farming continues all the way to the end of the event regardless of which side wins. Not sure of the drop rates of the points but I suspect it will be much like Guda Guda Honnoji in that points will be less of an issue as compared to shop currency since shop currency drops are boosted by Gacha CEs whereas the Point bonus CEs are bought in the shop with event currency.


So if we do spend the effort, we can get 2 crystalalized Lore, probably not a bad investment :grinning:


errr actually
there’s no special node like the 1 ap node to give bonus points, add the fact theres no bonus servant too
the shops here are also actually cheaper than the average event shop (hero costing only 15 of the currency instead of the usual 30)

worry more about points

but as for how it works
at the end of the event. there are nodes that drop both event point, the oda and shinsengumi one
so dont worry about picking sides, troo much i guess
yea no, almost every event post summer gives more lores for less effort lul


Well, I stand corrected :sweat_smile:

Guess those Point CEs are definitely coming first before anything else. At least we can farm all three currencies pretty much from the start.

Or are my sources wrong about that too? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thankfully I can ignore the monuments and pieces, or at least save them for last just so I don’t run out in the future. I know, not likely unless I start ascending every single Servant I have within the next month. At least we get a lot of apples from this event. May or may not need it, but it’ll be good to start saving up some for lotteries in the future.


The thing that I’m worried about is missing story in exchange for points. In the event notes it says that the combined points of all masters determines the canon outcome and thus the progression of the story. However, it also mentions that the side you chose gets added to the story section in ‘My room’. As such, the only way to get access to all the events story is to each time chose the losing side. But the losing side does not get that points bonus mentioned in the event notes.


The story we see depends on who wins the battle, but the alternate story ALSO becomes available in ‘My Room’. Regardless of who wins, we can see both sides of the story. So don’t worry too much about missing the story and choose the side you want.

I’m going Oda(Possible Medal drops)-Shinsengumi(Possible Pages drops)-Oda(Pages AND Medals). For the drops, if it wasn’t obvious yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, I see now how I misread that


Nobbu bribes masters to her side with hearts, MPs, and lanugo


too many nodes to look at gave me cancer :P
so i didnt check
but like 5-6 nodes become available so there’s no way it isnt


Unless I’m understanding things wrong, even the 10AP nodes start dropping all three currencies but, obviously, in small amounts (as in just 2 per Drop but as much as 6 on the 40AP nodes). Not sure of the actual drop rates though (didn’t bother looking that deep into things) so it could be incredibly crappy since it’s the first ‘battle’ and all.


thats the drop for the last nodes fopr the first battle
which lasts about 1 and a half day anyways so like

also yea why is anyone even worried about picking sides
you guys do know for the first 2 battles
they last barely 1 day
and iirc after the 3rd battle is unlocked you can complete the story to do the epilouge anyways