Oda Nobunaga Discussion



It’s a bit late, and we’re nearly a week into the event, but let’s discuss Nobunaga now that everyone had some hands-on experience! That was the reason we delayed the new writeup for Nobunaga. Yes, clearly planned!

She’ll be in the spotlight for a while, with Gudaguda 2 coming next, and reruns and Gudaguda 3 next year, she’ll be an event Servant quite often. She’s a good investment alone for that, if not for her absolute rampage during Onigashima against a certain motherly Servant with Berserker-typing, Riding and Divine.

We changed the emphasis a little in the writeup, with a more wide variety of Archers now and in the future, her function suitably changes as wel. A comparison to Gilgamesh also seems a bit…much for the current Gilgamesh.

In any case, what have your experiences with Nobunaga been? For veterans, what have you used her most for during the last year? Is she on the level of other welfare Servants? And what tips would you give to extract the most value out of Nobunaga?


Very good for very consistent crits, as long as you give her a star generator partner (or certain CEs). Preferable one with 2 arts cards or more, for arts chains (she will need those, as well as critting on arts cards to fill the bar any soon). Emiya Assassin, Shiki, 100Hassan and Casgil with his first skill on lv 10 come to mind.

Her NP, even on NP5, against non-divine, non-riding enemies actually hits worse than most NP1 4*s, being therefore, niche. At least there is a lot of Saber (and Rider) with Riding. Also, with both of those traits on field, she’s a little-Gil, indeed.


Tier 2 seems overly generous for her, since I would have considered her borderline Tier 3/Tier 4.

Her niche is that she’s an AOE Archer who can do ST-level damage vs. a very specific list of four servants (Sabers/Berserkers with both Riding and the Divine trait)… except that this only really matters if you have (a) a wave consisting of multiple such servants, or (b) a wave of one such servant plus some minions with low enough hp that they can be taken out with her wet noodle normal damage.

She’s a great servant if you need her in a narrow niche (and are willing to level her skills despite knowing you’re only going to be using her rarely) or if you’re willing to build a team around shoring up her weak points (at which point any servant will shine), which doesn’t sound like Tier 2 material to me.

Yeah, but with neither of those traits on the field (which is most of the time), she’s closer to Kid Gil.


I agree actually. I put forward the motion to move her to tier 3 last tier discussion, and I intend to do so again. She’s too niche considering the competition she has to deal with in the Archer class.


When the event first ran I remember being pretty excited to get her just because I loved her design and personality and character in general, but it’s kind of sad how it’s been over a year and I ended up barely making use of her… Onigashima was the only time I really put her to any real significant use, although she was absolutely very helpful to me there. I guess what it boils down to is that her niche is kind of hard to find a real use for. Your AOE Archer needs are probably filled in better by Arash who’s very easily available, and for myself, I have Emiya who not only does that but is not reliant on star generation or support for crits. She has a fairly solid and reliable skillset in theory, and as Onigashima shows, it could be put to use very well when it’s needed, but there’s just not really much demand for it so far.