Odd Matchups in Great League

I haven’t seen many people talking about their strangest encounters, so I have almost no background on how to deal with them…
I see my fair share of shadow Pokémon in Great League. You’d think with their nonexistant defence they’d be useless but seeing Shadow Victreebell has become a death sentence lately. What are some of your strangests encounters? How did you deal with them, (or did you just lose)?

I have a Shadow Victreebel using Razor Leaf/Acid Spray+Frustration. I wish we were allowed to get rid of Frustration because my son uses a regular Victreebel with RL and Sludge Bomb and I like that. Thing about Victreebel is it kills its prey so fast that sometimes it doesn’t charge up a charged move…but more often than not when the Whiscash/Azu/Swamp faints an Altaria or Skarmory comes in to beat the Victreebel quick. I’m pleased when my son’s throws a Sludge Bomb on an Altaria. I’m also pleased when my Shadow Victreebel puts an acid spray on a Registeel…lowering the Regi’s defense makes it a more human bulk***Playing my son’s in rank 4 right now, opponent had a Quagsire, Crawdaunt, and whatever Tympole evolves into…have no resources to waste on this account so using a Razor Leaf/ Ice Beam Ludicolo…Razor Leafed the entire 3 pokemon, didn’t even block the Quagsires Sludge attack

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I’m running a team of wigglers – Hitmontop, Ludicolo, Mr. Mime. They shouldn’t be particularly hard to deal with.

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Running more steel (or as said in the other thread, using fast-charged moves) is one way to deal with the shadows, which are usually charmers or Razors. Shadow Entei or Mawile with Fire Fang are not so common, so it often works.

Another similar team is running Charmers plus one Shadow (e.g. victrebeel or bellossom).

But apart from that I only won the strange encounters. I had two wins against 3x10ers. The second of this, I just stood around, until after 20 seconds doing nothing, the other guy quit, haha.

Or rather bad mons, like Lunatone and roserade… Or Mr. Mime :D @hyppester (the other ones of your team are quite good though)

I encountered a full shadow team: gardevoir, hypno, and victreebel. I didn’t stand a chance.
I also once encountered a Fearow which threw a Drill Run at me that I was in no way expecting

I faced a team composed of Galvantula, Alolan Raichu, and Stunfish.

I sensed something was not quite right when my opponent didn’t swap her Galvantula versus my Swampert as soon as the game started, so I used all my shields to protect the muddy toad who single-handled all her party.

She must have really hated Altaria, Azumarill, Registeel, and Skarmory.

Just encountered a Shadow Dragonite as a closer. (I didn’t even know/forgot that the Dratini line was available as shadow.

I just recently maxed out and 2 moved a farfetchd and working towards best buddy. He is definitely odd but that spam fits my team need perfectly.

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That was a really weird fight today against an all normal-lineup.
While I also sometimes tend to have one-type crews (like Psycho - Mew/Hypno/DeoxysD, or Steel/combined like Jirachi/Skarmory/Bastiodon) an all-normal-mono is quite funny.

Here it was Vigoroth/Snorlax/Munchlax, all three running of course body slam, which is quite powerful. Problem is that lick is not a very good move and Snorlax and Munchlax are both running it.

End of story is that this normal-team got beaten quickly, with Altaria and all of its energy left; thanks to my Counter-Deoxy lead and no necessity to really shield anything given the predictable 2nd moves on Vig and Munchy and the low amount of damage dealt with body slam.