Odds of getting Cobalion from Battle League

What are the odds of getting Cobalion as a battle league reward? Are the legendaries any rarer to get than the other possible Pokemon?


I’m guessing pretty high. I did 6 sets just after midnight (no idea why I got six sets, though) and got Cobalion in 4/6 encounters. Two sets were on premium, but Cobalion wasn’t the encounter for either of those sets.

From my experience, it’s easily more than 50%.

The rare catch in the GBL rewards are Litwick and Shieldon, I only met them once before each.

Umm. I have a hard time getting to the pokie reward but When I get to it, most of the time I do get Cobalion. In the last few tries I got Cobalion maybe around 65% of the time. So hopefully you will win 4 of the 5 battles unless you use the premium raid passes.

Uh had 2 Shieldons in a row. But no any Litwick, Deino and this new bird.

I got 8 Cebalions, one is shiny but he is a 2 stars only.