Odysseus Value

How good is Odysseus? I keep seeing different rankings for him.

A broad question, but he’s someone I would describe as “solid.” He does many things well between his excellent face card performance and NP that defeats most defenses, and he himself is sturdy and can resist buff removal (1T). Castoria will make him even better.

As a universal farmer, though, he is a hard sell because he can’t compete with the very best options. His NP damage is decent, but he is no Avenger with stacking 3T steroids and hasn’t received an NP strengthening. His direct NP refund is also a little tight considering his battery is not 50%.

P.S. His double taunt is extremely rare (I think only Miss Crane has something similar?) and opens up some strategic options.


I feel like it has really good solo potential for people without taunt CEs. It’s very good imo


He is decent, great NP gain, damage isn’t very high though which is my one complain about him. His double taunt is very interesting but not sure what you really want to be protecting with it, casters? like if I bring a berseker I rather not have him on the field. If I had to grade him it would be a solid C+, there are better options out there, the taunt is very niche.


His taunt isn’t really about protecting, IMO. What you do is throw it up and then Order Change to cycle out one of the taunt targets. 3T taunt to two Servants, but with CE freedom.


Had I rolled him, (spook please) I intend to leave him at Lv1 for his support feature which allows more flexibility in TA’s. The taunt is utilized to kill Odysseus & another support without the cost of slotting 2 taunt CE’s which can back fire because you’re limiting yourself to a CE that doesn’t provide stars or a card effectiveness buff. This also opens the availability to use a support NP while still killing off the support where otherwise you could not had your use Poster Girl/Outrage.


He is a solid unit which outdammages rider davinci at similar np levels and can 3 turn farm assassin enemies with castoria, which is what is asked of him.

He also has good utilities and survival options.

Wher he trails behind rider da Vinci is that he does not charge the party with his np, so lolivinci is a bit more consistent than him with BG and can more easily get castoria to np in CQ.

IMO he is a better 6CE farmer at low level np due to his higher attack and a very good unit all around who is often underestimated due to da Vinci rider being better at CQ and farming at higher np levels (or with BG).


This is at NP5 max investment correct ?

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Do you mean caster?

Da Vinci Lily at NP5 Lv100 2K fou DCS can do Assassin’s which is why I’m very curious about Odysseus now

I remember some vid of this, but realistically no.

IIRC it was of an Assassin node in his own event, where he had a power mod.

Can’t think of a Castoria scenario where you’d actually want to attempt this since he doesn’t charge up Castoria NPs. Sounds like a Rube Goldberg approach to farming when you could pick one of many class-neutral options.


I meant caster sorry just woke up @__@


He is worth approximately 500 points. 700 after a shower.