Off to a great start :birbpeek:

Yooo!, so CYL3 has started at last and decided to try luck on the banner, with perfect IVs B!Micaiah came, and with very little orbs spent too!:

I think I had like 339 with the login, numbers didn’t decrease much thankfully so now I’m good for L!Julia…! :birbpeek:

And since I got B!Micaiah I made my choice of free summon afterwards, he looks really good :birbpeek:

How did it go for y’all?


I’m not planning on pulling much, but I did end up grabbing B!Eliwood.

Hn, I had plans of not going far either as I got other plans too (good, this has been a success so far), glad you got who you wanted!

I got really lucky. I screwed up by choosing my free hero first by accident. Chose Camilla. I wanted Eliwood and Camilla so I pulled mostly colorless and blue. In about 170 orbs I got 2 Eliwoods, Ishtar, Loki, and Female Byleth. Camilla’s going on my AR team, and Eliwoods will probably be foddered for their rally.

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I’m still going, but I got one out of two planned B! Eliwoods in 40 Orbs. Starting strong. The Swift Sparrow banner was amazing though.

Update: got another! I’m done. This went amazingly.


Only had the Free Micaiah. Other than that, stupid…

Can I go back in time and retrieve my 58 orbs that I wasted for Eliwood?

Got a free L!Eliwood and a free Raigh.


I got… Trash. Straight 3* trash…

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Nothing amazing but I’m not complaining either, got a - SPD Karla and another Flora merge (and free Nino on the daily banner). Still can’t decide on the free pick between Micaiah and Alm, so I might just wait and see if I can pull one of them before choosing.


Oh, that’s a great luck, I think the exchange was fair!. But at least you got both!

Congrats!, glad to know you got 'em, plans for him?

Planning on foddering him actually. That’s what both copies are for. I’m taking him for my free pick, so I’ll still have one.

Oof that’s too bad, I wish that were possible but maybe you get someone soon!, at that rate I’d start to hope for a pitybreaker…

…?! :flushed:.

No worries I understand, glad to know you got who you wanted! :birbpeek:

Oof 3★ are sure annoying, the different animation when pulling pisses me off a few seconds earlier :catroll: also an unnecesary extra waste of feathers for a +10, hope you get somebody soon!


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I only wanted Eliwood for fodder lol, I’ll get rid of him after his bonus season

Welcome!, I’d be happy too with that luck, Karla is actually good even with the bane, hope you get anyone soon and if you give up make your free choice!

Ohh I see, I look forward to see who you’ll use his skill(s) on!

Turns out Fliers can’t use Ruses…

I’ll need to think of a new plan. At least I got him though.

Oh I see, no prob here, hope the skills serve you well!

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