Offence build for Rafiel?

What build would be best to use for an offensive Rafiel? I have a +10 one and don’t exactly know what build would be the best for him. Thank you!


If you just want to deal a ton of damage as consistently as possible, I’d recommend Special Spiral to instantly retaliate with Iceberg (or Glacies if you have B!Lucina or Infantry Breath support). You still gotta get the initial charge but that’s still at least a 34 damage Iceberg if transformed (or 49 damage Galcies). If you don’t have B!Lucina or Infantry Breath then you can still run Glacies but it will activate on your follow-up if you do follow-up.


Basically what @Peaches said. Rafiel’s Attack is pathetically low for a Gen 3 infantry, so special spamming is the way to go if you’re using him offensively. Special Spiral is one way, you can also consider Wrath for that juicy +20 damage combined with the transformation bonus. Perhaps think about Warding Breath as well.


But what skills should I use along side special spiral? What A and C skills should I use?

Distant ward gives some extra Atk and res and allow him to shred mages and many dragons on EP but Mirror Stance is a budget choice. Def smoke for more damage but Atk smoke for better survivability.