Official 4* Ticket Help & Questions Thread - Jan. 2020

This is a collective thread for any users to come and ask questions about who to pull for the 4* ticket coming up soon.

You may use this thread to discuss gameplay advantages of the available servants, ask for assistance, or just chat about the opportunity this ticket provides.


I want to die.


Bow open a ticket thread… but people still create a new personal thread…


Can we just redirect them here and close the army of I need advice cause I can’t make my own decisions/ read the gp guide threads… Yes I’m tired of em


Hello everyone, here is my current roster

All of them are NP1 except welfares, Emiya NP2, Shuten NP2, Sheba NP4 and Tomoe NP5

Can someone please suggest me on the servant that i should pick or NP2?

I am currently thinking of getting Zerkerlot or Fran for farming and prepare for Quick Meta since i don’t have an AOE Berserker but Zerkerlot at NP1 is a lot weaker than Kiyohime or Spartacus with Merlin while Fran have stun demerit and does not generate as much star from her NP.

Or maybe Penth to help with Archer and Extra bosses with her charge and ST Buster NP that can work with Merlin and also team wide Buster Steroid to help farming in place of Merlin with a Waver support like in the current event but we are getting Berserker Alter this summer who will get NP5 and some durability in exchange of less charge and no team support.

Another point for Penth is that i have most of her mats from the current lotto already so i can quickly bring her to max while i don’t have scale or gear for Fran and Zerkerlot

Also I am currently saving for Waver in April first and Skadi in July.

just remember everyone…

stheno, fionn, beowlf, and siegfried are all excellent options.


You have almoust all you need , so gorgon or Ana for more roster ,in chaldea ther are never enofth servants

Gorgon? Why?

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More servants the better

That’s not a very good reason.

I never say that was a good reason

Then why even suggest it, it’s not very helpful.


it’s good advice, no?


Not all the suggestios are useful, and collect servants is fun

Well anyway, Penth is a good choice, and she’s way better to frontline with compared to Herc. Fran or Zerkerlot are both pretty great too but I’d only choose them if you have solid plans for getting Skadi.

Stheno is incredibly niche, Beowulf is very weak ungrailed, and siegfried is a bit of a joke. Fionn is kind of average and will get better though. I couldn’t tell if you were memeing or not…

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Out of joke Siegfried NP2 is good i have one


I know he is actually really great when you invest heavily in him but unless you have high NP and have given him grails he’s tremendously weak. Though I do have a friend who has put 1800/1800 fous, max grailed and he’s a tank like no other that hits like a single target saber. Unbelievably good.

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