Official Canon FEH GP Husbando Wars Season 4: Finals

Previous Rounds

Husbando Wars

FEH/TMS - Winner: Helbindi (Previous winners: Helbindi, Líf, Líf)
Archanea - Winners: Camus and Julian :feh_camuscool: (Previous winners: Barst, Camus, Navarre)
SoV - Winner: Saber (Previous winners: Saber, Lukas, Saber)
Jugdral - Winners: Sigurd and Shannan :feh_sigurdeyes: (Previous winners: Quan, Sigurd, Eldigan and Shannan)
Binding - Winner: Dieck (Previous winners: Rutger, Dieck)
Blazing - Winner: Hector :feh_hecstare: (Previous winners: Hector, Eliwood, Hector)
Sacred Stones - Winners: Cormag, Ephraim, and Joshua :feh_ephraimoh: :feh_joshuaoh: (Previous winners: Joshua, Innes, Joshua)
Tellius - Winners: Ike and Volke :feh_ikestare: (Previous winners: Zelgius, Haar, Ike)
Awakening - Winners: Lon’qu and Chrom :feh_loncool: (Previous winners: Lon’qu, Inigo, Lon’qu)
Fates - Winners: Kaze and Leo :feh_leomato: (Previous winners: Shiro, Kaze and Leo)
Three Houses - Winners: Seteth and Sylvain :feh_setethbirb: :feh_sylvainlove: (Previous winners: Ferdinand/Felix/Claude/Gatekeeper, Claude)
Wild Card: Felix :feh_felixfume:


Waifu Wars

FEH/TMS - Winners: Laegjarn and Dagr :feh_dagrsmile: (Previous winners: Laegjarn supremacy)
Archanea - Winner: Caeda :feh_caedawut: (Previous winners: Caeda, Minerva, Caeda)
SoV - Winner: Sonya (Previous winners: Mae, Genny, Sonya)
Jugdral - Winners: Ayra and Ishtar :feh_ayratea: (Previous winners: Ishtar, Ayra and Olwen)
Binding - Winner: Igrene (Previous winners: Lilina, Idunn, Igrene)
Blazing - Winner: Ninian :feh_nini: (Previous winners: Lyn, Ninian, Lyn and Ninian)
Sacred Stones - Winner: L’Arachel :feh_larawink: (Previous winners: Marisa, Tana, L’Arachel)
Tellius - Winners: Altina and Elincia :feh_altinawink: (Previous winners: Elincia, Titania, Titania)
Awakening - Winners: Tiki and Olivia :feh_tikiga: (Previous winners: Tharja, Lucina and Tiki, Lucina)
Fates - Winners: Kagero and Lilith :feh_lilithpray: (Previous winners: Felicia, Felicia and Velouria, Kagero and Selena)
Three Houses - Winner: Mercedes :feh_mercedesbye: (Previous winners: Dorothea/Ingrid/Hilda/Shamir, Dorothea)
Wild Cards: Brigid, Lyn, Tethys, Titania :feh_lynstare: :feh_piratetitania:



We’ll have a poll to pick best boy from every game, out of the characters in FEH as of 1/7/22. The max poll size is 20, and some games have more than 20 male characters in FEH, so those games will have two polls and two winners. If a game’s cast can be divided between the polls in a way that makes sense and is approximately even (Jugdral Gen 1 & Gen 2, Fates Hoshido & Nohr, etc), the two polls will be considered separate, and one winner will be selected from each. In some games, splitting the characters up into two even polls requires a much more arbitrary criterion (Archanea, Awakening, etc). In these cases, the two winners will be the two characters who got the most votes, regardless of which poll they were in. With a few exceptions, different versions of the same character will not appear multiple times, or in multiple polls. Polls will last roughly 48 hours. Everyone gets two votes per poll (four per game if a game has two polls), but of course you’re free to pick only one, or abstain. The winners will move on to a round of 20. I’ll fill in the remaining slots with wild card picks, using whoever gets the most votes without winning their poll. Ties for wild card slots will be won by the character that got the highest percentage of total votes in their poll. Limit one wild card per game. From there, each round will eliminate roughly half of the remaining guys until we have our winner. If a round ties, we’ll have one tiebreaker round. If it can’t resolve things, the characters who are still tied at the top will all move on, taking up wild card slots.

Feel free - encouraged, even - to post fan art to try and sway votes toward your boy. Just remember to keep it civil, and PG-13.

Two men enter, one man leaves

  • Hector
  • Felix

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Uncropped art with links in the Ro20 thread
Waifu Wars finals here


Lets go felix!


Poor Ike. Poor @dimitrisnoodlehair

Well, Hector it is.


Always has been

He’s easily my #1 choice of anyone else in the game, so I’m really hoping he wins this


Alrighty! Let’s go Distant Counter fod- Hector! Yup, Hector.


Let’s go Hector :catclap:


it’s oho time :feh_hector:


Well, you made the choice easy for me, everyone.

Good friend and dad vs an insufferable school bully? :feh_azurafacepalm:




What? I had to deal with school bullies myself, so I naturally hate them in media.

Except he doesn’t bully anyone? He’s crass, but he’s also shunned for it.

If anyone’s a bully its Lorenz with his unwanted sexual advances that Byleth tells him about and he brushes off.


Suffered the same and look at me being an idiot


Namecalling Dimitri and Dedue is bullying in my book. Sorry, but I refuse to let that slide.

Well then, I guess you better not like Hilda (almyrans), Claude (deliberately teases/bullies Lysithea), Ingrid (almyrans again), Dimitri (has anger issues, same as Felix), Hubert (ok that one was obvious though), Sylvain (women), Lorenz (women again), Dedue (back up the aforementioned rage issue no matter what), Rhea (leader of a corrupt theocracy), Seteth (supports corrupt theocracy), Gilbert (family issues), Catherine (who doesn’t she yell at?), Shamir (harsh and stern, could come across as bullying), and probably even more.

That’s not getting into the fact he’s 100% right about both Dimitri and Dedue. Dimitri flies off the rails and goes on an unhinged murder spree, and Dedue is loyal to him no matter what, without trying to change him.

Felix is childhood friends with Dimitri, he doesn’t hate him, he just knows he’s on the wrong path. Despite Felix’s apparent callousness, he’s been repeatedly shown to be a very caring individual. Seeing his friend like that hurts him, which is why he tries to change him, but he just isn’t very good at showing his emotions.


Felix is going at it the wrong way if that’s the case. I have been conditioned to declare petty namecalling as simply rude and unwarranted. He can easily do that job WITHOUT THE “BOAR” SLINGING.

And I know I’m being hypocritical when I hate Felix but dote on Soren, who’s just as rude. What does Soren have that Felix doesn’t? The part where he was directly victimized and shunned because of what he can’t change. Felix? Goes off the deep end just because his brother died and doesn’t get over it well. Seriously, just keep that bit in the past.

Does that justify Soren’s rudeness? No. What makes me endear to him, aside from a believable story? At least he’s not calling Ike names…aside from “Ikey-poo”, but that does not count because it’s hilarious

Just say it’s the same
I love both



Felix is not good at expressing his emotions. He’s been deeply hurt by his past, and he doesn’t communicate effectively. It’s a normal, human thing to do.

No, just literally everyone else.


Soren is way worse because
He is being furryphobic
And he is a scalie too
So it’s also an internalized r*cism


I’ve already said my piece on the matter. Going to mute this thread because I’m tired of repeating myself ad nauseum. :catwalkaway:

My hatred for Felix will never diminish. If he ever gets an OG version in FEH or a summonable alt, I’ll just skip whatever color he is when he’s rate-up even if a person I like shares a color.

Vote Hector.

How does that make him worse?

I love Felix but he’s an asshole who probably wouldn’t be very popular if he wasn’t hot, as much as I like him. Soren is the way he is because he’s been abused and become ashamed of who he is in an extremely racist society. I don’t really see how that’s worse? You didn’t play and it shows

Edit: Unless you meant something else by calling him “worse” - As in his situation is worse - which I hope was the case