Official Canon FEH GP Waifu Wars Season 4: Finals

Previous Rounds

Waifu Wars

FEH/TMS - Winners: Laegjarn and Dagr :feh_dagrsmile: (Previous winners: Laegjarn supremacy)
Archanea - Winner: Caeda :feh_caedawut: (Previous winners: Caeda, Minerva, Caeda)
SoV - Winner: Sonya (Previous winners: Mae, Genny, Sonya)
Jugdral - Winners: Ayra and Ishtar :feh_ayratea: (Previous winners: Ishtar, Ayra and Olwen)
Binding - Winner: Igrene (Previous winners: Lilina, Idunn, Igrene)
Blazing - Winner: Ninian :feh_nini: (Previous winners: Lyn, Ninian, Lyn and Ninian)
Sacred Stones - Winner: L’Arachel :feh_larawink: (Previous winners: Marisa, Tana, L’Arachel)
Tellius - Winners: Altina and Elincia :feh_altinawink: (Previous winners: Elincia, Titania, Titania)
Awakening - Winners: Tiki and Olivia :feh_tikiga: (Previous winners: Tharja, Lucina and Tiki, Lucina)
Fates - Winners: Kagero and Lilith :feh_lilithpray: (Previous winners: Felicia, Felicia and Velouria, Kagero and Selena)
Three Houses - Winner: Mercedes :feh_mercedesbye: (Previous winners: Dorothea/Ingrid/Hilda/Shamir, Dorothea)
Wild Cards: Brigid, Lyn, Tethys, Titania :feh_lynstare: :feh_piratetitania:


Husbando Wars

FEH/TMS - Winner: Helbindi (Previous winners: Helbindi, Líf, Líf)
Archanea - Winners: Camus and Julian :feh_camuscool: (Previous winners: Barst, Camus, Navarre)
SoV - Winner: Saber (Previous winners: Saber, Lukas, Saber)
Jugdral - Winners: Sigurd and Shannan :feh_sigurdeyes: (Previous winners: Quan, Sigurd, Eldigan and Shannan)
Binding - Winner: Dieck (Previous winners: Rutger, Dieck)
Blazing - Winner: Hector :feh_hecstare: (Previous winners: Hector, Eliwood, Hector)
Sacred Stones - Winners: Cormag, Ephraim, and Joshua :feh_ephraimoh: :feh_joshuaoh: (Previous winners: Joshua, Innes, Joshua)
Tellius - Winners: Ike and Volke :feh_ikestare: (Previous winners: Zelgius, Haar, Ike)
Awakening - Winners: Lon’qu and Chrom :feh_loncool: (Previous winners: Lon’qu, Inigo, Lon’qu)
Fates - Winners: Kaze and Leo :feh_leomato: (Previous winners: Shiro, Kaze and Leo)
Three Houses - Winners: Seteth and Sylvain :feh_setethbirb: :feh_sylvainlove: (Previous winners: Ferdinand/Felix/Claude/Gatekeeper, Claude)
Wild Card: Felix :feh_felixfume:



We’ll have a poll to pick best girl from every game, out of the characters in FEH as of 1/7/22. The max poll size is 20, and some games have more than 20 female characters in FEH, so those games will have two polls and two winners. If a game’s cast can be divided between the polls in a way that makes sense and is approximately even (Jugdral Gen 1 & Gen 2, Fates Hoshido & Nohr, etc), the two polls will be considered separate, and one winner will be selected from each. In some games, splitting the characters up into two even polls requires a much more arbitrary criterion (Archanea, Awakening, etc). In these cases, the two winners will be the two characters who got the most votes, regardless of which poll they were in. With a few exceptions, different versions of the same character will not appear multiple times, or in multiple polls. Polls will last roughly 48 hours. Everyone gets two votes per poll (four per game if a game has two polls), but of course you’re free to pick only one, or abstain. The winners will move on to a round of 20. I’ll fill in the remaining slots with wild card picks, using whoever gets the most votes without winning their poll. Ties for wild card slots will be won by the character that got the highest percentage of total votes in their poll. Limit one wild card per game. From there, each round will eliminate roughly half of the remaining ladies until we have our winner. If a round ties, we’ll have one tiebreaker round. If it can’t resolve things, the characters who are still tied at the top will all move on, taking up wild card slots.

Feel free - encouraged, even - to post fan art to try and sway votes toward your girl. Just remember to keep it civil, and PG-13.

There can be only one

  • Elincia
  • Tiki
  • Mercedes

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Uncropped art with links in the Ro20 thread
Husbando Wars finals here


Mercedes or Tiki


Going with Mercedes, but that could change.


Elincia, easy choice.

One of my favorite FE characters by far.

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It’s so hard between her and Tiki :breadsive:


For me, it’s an easy choice but I get it

I just really love Elincia’s character and story about how she reclaims her throne after hardship and tragedy. She has some of the best character growth in all of Fire Emblem and I’d love to see her recognized for it


Just like in CYL, I’m on team Tiki here :feh_tikiga:


Why are we the same person?


You know what?

Tiki will have a good amount of voters and I like Elincia a lot

I’ll go for Elincia :ak_blemismile:


Not voting here. Hard to choose between a noble queen, a fair divine dragon, and my favorite Blue Lion.


I’m a simple guy. I see heartwarming cleric lady, I vote heartwarming cleric lady.



I like all three of these characters, but I’ve no doubt in my heart.
Elincia is the best of them all.

A few people have mentioned it already and I’ll hop on that train: she really has top tier character development. Starting from grief, fear and self-doubt, to becoming one of the best rulers in FE. She’s also busted in RD thanks to Amiti, and the first actual pegasus rider to wield staffs, so she is the OG flier staff by definition. One of the best pegasus units in all FE along with Caeda and Tanith.


It was hard choosing between Tiki and Elincia :feh_setethcry: