Official CYL5 Thread

It’d still just be another boring Dragon tho

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Actually hoping for an excuse to save


Sissi credici :feh_edelfrown:


I would love to see Seliph win.


The characters I’m voting for are
• 1 - Erika: I’ve seen a lot of people discuss voting for her and I think she has high chances of being chosen.

• 2 - Luthier: Luthier isn’t in the game yet and I’d like to increase his chances. I’m not really a Luthier fan, but I feel for those who’ve waited for him. Also SOV hasn’t had a banner since Valentine’s Day. Even SS had two banners (summer + banner w/ Selena)

•2 - Leo: a lord character who I think deserves an alt. Leo’s had bad versions of him in the game and it would be nice to have one that’s good.

I personally don’t really want to see any 3 houses win cyl cuz I feel like they’ll all be added at some point. It’s a popular game, so I wouldn’t doubt it. But if I had to choose, it would probably be:

•2- Dorothea- I know she got an alt recently, but it would be nice to see her get a decent one. I generally don’t really have a favourite 3h character cuz for every think I like about a character, there is something I equally dislike about them. But Dorothea I find is fairly likeable. And I’d rather have her than b00byleth


Oh sweet. :fgo_ereshwoah: So I remembered I actually have two My Nintendo accounts so I don’t need to “break” my tradition to who I vote for… I’ll get on that soon.

But first of all, my picks are unrealistic and don’t support one of the higher scoring characters, I’m 69420% aware of that by now. :feh_legion_miso:
Then, why? I have the same thought as @RoysOurBoy mentioned earlier: it’s an event to vote for your favourites, and I wholeheartedly agree there, I wanna vote who I’m deeply attached to… “who?” Wdym, you should know by now… Kidding, here’s my vote:

(The artist was @koe1147 on Twitter, I found the link in an old post of mine but the artist’s profile doesn’t exist anymore. :fgo_seiba:)

Yep, Idoun no less, I think she’s been part of the reason why I’ve made some close friends here in #gamepress as I was looking for fellow fans of her to talk with.
But that’s not the reason why I always vote her? Why then? She’s the OG and only bestest girl of all medias for me, the reasons are written in this post.

(I forgot to explain there why I don't refer to her by her actually translated name, so here goes.)

Yep, I’m a boomer, I grew to prefer old translations, it’s weird to think I don’t call Julia “Yuria” but that’s maybe because the latest translation Dark Twilkitri did for FE4 had already used some of the current names for the Jugdral characters, and I like that name more but Yuria is cute in a way… ok, enough of straying off the point. :feh_morganagrom:

The reason I call her Idoun, is because when I read the name, there are times I feel nostalgic, remembering my first steps with the FE6 game and the series back in 2014, that’s the beginning of my story with her.
So, I grew used to that translation and it stuck to me. :upside_down_face: Now, my OCD wouldn’t allow me to normally call her “Idunn”, I feel it’s not right with me. :feh_ohgod: But I wouldn’t mind writing it if it’s called to, like when I give advice, though people in general seem to understand I talk about her so I think it should be fine. :feh_flaynsmile:

Now that I covered my talk about Idoun… what’s that so-called tradition of mine? I always voted Idoun on all the slots at every #cyl, no matter what.
You must be wondering the reason… as I said earlier, I highly regard Idoun, I’d love at least one more alt (where she’s happy and fully restored to her former self if possible!) and my plan will not change unless she somehow wins a #cyl (not that it’ll happen anytime soon but the chance is there, minimal as it is) or gets an alt or two so that my mindset changes to vote someone I like that deserves more recognition.
But I’m loyal to my favourites so my plan doesn’t change, and with #cyl5 #poll being finally open, the deed was done:

I mentioned having an alt though, I do, my former account, product of my rerolls. :catroll:
I plan to make it cast some of my votes to Sara who was recently added to FEH, I also highly regard her ever since prior to FEH and here’s an appreciation thread with a little proof.

I just would like an alt for her… much as summer is my favourite thematic, it’s a gigantic nope Imo, I’m certain she’s best suit for a wholesome thematic like New Year so that’s the kind of message I hope @Intelligent_Systems gets someday… that there’s appreciation for Thracia 776 characters and that they need more rep in FEH.

TL;DR: vote for Idoun on my main because best girl and Sara/Sonya on the alt. Both have a common reason which is to give @Intelligent_Systems a message — that there’s appreciation for them.

Vote comparisons, from previous #cyl instances: Idoun, Sonya, Julia, Sara.

And what about Sonya/Julia?: Believe me, it was hard enough to even decide to split my votes on my main but then I remembered some things like my alt so…
Sonya clearly deserves an alt, she’s been for 3+ years in the game and I’m disappointed on the fact she never got a single alt. :feh_ikecry: And votes can’t be cast without an account apparently :catcry: so the spam via incognito mode is not possible. Anyway, I’d love one more to make a Julia emblem but a new alt for her will probably also earn her some unnecessary hate and/or heated discussion. :feh_ikecry: Also, seeing Sara had a tad little of attention (~400 votes or so in average) compared to the others, I figured I could grant her some additional support this time.
So, I’ll split up my votes on my alt and maybe create a throwaway account because why not, 4 for Sara and 3 for Sonya.

Campaigning time: now that I’ve shown my appreciation to these characters, I’d like to specifically do some campaigning to them, I feel they do deserve it and if you vote either Idoun, Sonya or Sara, that’d be great, but out of those, I believe Sonya deserves the votes the most because of what was stated earlier.

Fan #art : because :pkmn_wynaut:.





I voted!
I want to see her in top 10 again, because, well… she’s my favorite FE character

As for the other votes, I don’t know if I’m gonna go for Ferdie, Eirika, Constance, or Manuela, I’ll wait for the half-way results.


do I really need to show for who I voted ? :feh_annawink:


I don’t really care a lot about the results since most of my favorites already made it into the game.
So I picked Yuri because I think a dagger unit could be cool for a change and I liked his character.
#3HCinderedShadowsSweep :japanese_goblin:


We cannot allow the extreme crappiness of the fates series to continue to pollute Feh. Therefore we must vote severa in order to exterminate the Selena travesty once and for all.

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Eirika and Marth are going to be my choices

They have been so close so many times, they deserve it


Thank you, these will make a fine addition to my collection :feh_kleinyes: why am I so weak for F!Byleth
We must protect that smile :feh_bylethsmile:


Watch Erika get 3rd and F!Byleth get 1st

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f!byleth and Erika win and Marianne is third

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You are just hellbent on mentioning that possibility, aren’t you?

you are just heckbent on mentioning scenarios where others favorites get third no?

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Nah, not really. I mentioned this one once. You’ve mentioned possibilities like that about… 3 times since yesterday.

Also! This!

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Going to vote for Validar a bit (as I tend to do)! I sure do love my evil dark mages :feh_robinsmirk:

I might throw some votes towards Jedah again too. But maybe I’ll mix things up a bit.


Only one person