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This a multi purpose thread—tips, advice, help, questions, FC, fanart (there is also a Genshin Art Thread), memes, wish results, co-op, anything about the game is welcome to be discussed/posted here

Waow we hit double digits
I’m annexing the thread from briel because I’m the new archon now muahahahahahaha

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RoysOurBoy - Ayayayayayayato and Cyno :feh_flaynfish: also Albedo Cs :fgo_ereshlove:

Perfain: Scaramouche C0, Itto C0, Deinsleaf C6

Kuu0: Homa.

MastroGillord :ak_redwut: - Yae + Yaoyao + Mona rate up pls + Keqing, one day :valiantha:

Puglet - C6 Kazuha, someday

ACExDiscostu93: Ganyu (whenever she gets a rerun), maybe Yoimiya

Fresh_Tomatoes: Kokomi (C6). Get a copy of Yae and Yelan. Whatever else I want that I’m interested in

Minutiae: Thoma, Scaramouche

ArtificialSky: Yae, Kazuha, maybe Ayato

TheKaiser: Yae Guuji, Murata, LA SIGNORA :fgo_horny: Please don’t be dead and probably Raiden rerun for C2

Shonx: Ganyu, Albedo, Baal, Zhongli, Kazuha, C1 Hu Tao, Yelan, Eula, Venti, Yae, Staff of Homo, Polar Star, or Jade Cutter?

Nahida rerun, Childa, Itto, Yoi or Ayato?

KupicZR: YaoYao

Squalala: Eula, Kazuha

moomoo: Mika Mains :pleading_face: :blue_heart:
I LOVE HIM :sob::sob::sob:

Kastian: Just want whoever catches my eye at the moment so most of characters

GARcher: Yae, Zhongli, C6 Yanfei has been achieved Yanfei, possibly Ganyu/Hu Tao.

rmunteanu599: Sumeru gang waiting room.

Kuribabylon52: Nilou, Layla, Dehya, Al-Haitham

nwass846: Eula C6, at least C0 of everybody else!

Zero: [Zhongli, Albedo, Yoimiya, Candace — Success], (hoping Mona/Keqing spooks.) C6 Fischy Yae ( :eagle::fox_face:) :zap: Layla. :zzz:

Gott: RADISH!! :fgo_kiyo: Maximum power for Thunder mom next! :fgo_gaooo:

DSS: Genshin Su Al-Husbando next stop. :fgo_sanzangpoint: :fgo_kiyo: Praying for Xiao, Zhongli and Ayato cons/wep eventually :feh_lilithpray:

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Wow, double-digit thread count! W00t!


what happened to Umbriel anyways


I’m coming for that gnosis


Umbriel couldn’t have a gnosis, there is nowhere for a robot to put it, remember?


Damn. Thread #10. 27,000 posts/replies. Kinda crazy to think about.

Tho it does seem replies have slowed down since the halcyon days of year 1. Which is natural since the longer a live service goes on the likelier it is for ppl to drop it.

Hell, even I was planning on nominally dropping this game after Chapter 3, stopping my daily grind only coming back for interesting events / new chapters. Then Hoyo did the impossible and pushed out a good archon quest (in terms of story, not gameplay), roping me back in. Just when I thought I got out :feh_lucishock:


Not that impressive after 3 5 months of playing, but everybody’s gotta start somewhere I suppose.



Unless u a whale I’d say it’s pretty impressive. Took me almost a year of playing to be able to 9-star floor 12. Didn’t even attempt it till around that point either. 3 months? I doubt I coulda cleared even floor 11 with 0-stars.


Getting there, I see~

That said, I’m having trouble with this current Floor 12… Might try again after I get my XL artifacts invested~


How very mondstadt of you :feh_ashepeek:

I’d say it’s a pretty good showing based on time played and team comps





tenor (28)

I say a few more months is needed before I can consistently sweep the Abyss comfortably and consistently. I did just finish my first from the last one and that still had a few close moments~


I have the power of (the 4) God(s) and anime on my side!


I’ll get there at some point~

Just need to luccsacc some more~


Huge props for Lvl 90 Amber :clap: :clap:


Tbh while the last few Abyss rotations were quite easy for me, this time I feel like it was harder.
Main problem is that the second floor has really tanky enemies but they are also split in waves so it takes a while to kill them. Still got all stars but I will probably try some different comps later to see if I can do better.


Oh god, my brainrot paired with early morning brain. 50 day months. Sorry.



Introductory regions always have a special place in my heart.



Haven’t attempted this abyss yet, but I really hate multiple waves. In the last abyss it literally took 5-10s for the next group to spawn after it already wasted 5-10s to spawn the 1st group.

hoyo you don’t have to treat us peasants like this. Just let us change graphics settings on ps4.


So I presume most of everyone here has heard of the Hoyo news from about a month back on the future of end-game content. Admittedly I’m still new in GI, ~6 months or so, but I had some thoughs. Replies welcomed.

Modestly long

As a newer player, Hoyo not planning more end-game type content seemed pretty limiting. I mean, considering what the game already has, it seems they could totally have made end-game alternatives and supplements to abyss. In particular alternatives that were difficult for largely (or slightly) different reasons from the DPS checks from Abyss floors.

Some hypotheticals:

-Survival mode: something close to, say Call of Duty Zombies series. You can chose to play solo or do Co-op. The goal would be to survive, offense being second so that Def and HP stats could actually be more relevant beyond skills that scale with them. Likewise, crystal shields and Overload become more desirable as knocking enemies back could help in that context. The goal could be a certain number of waves or total enemy kills. May involve getting to certain checkpoints in a sector of the map.

-Co-op Raid bosses/Missions: DPS and Co-Op centric but also not far from above, mixed with half the spirit of Destiny so that competitive teamwork can more than just a relatively unused feature. (Since Co-Op abyss isn’t a thing.) It could involve a decently long quest line too, if one wanted something to play with others. Maybe a few puzzles that can only be done with 2+ players but nothing too restrictive. 1 Released every month?

-Something else — say competitive speed-running in the overworld environments? I’m sure there are more ideas that vet players have about what they could do or implement so I this last is left as a question. I think that, for instance there’s a great deal of potential in the limited time events, if only some part of them were made a standard occurrence in a new game-mode.

The little “sports event” we just had, could be nice starting point. Also, maybe instead of primos these are mostly shifted to Mora/CharXP/WepXP so that abyss stays as the Primo-heavy end-game content (if that’s a concern)?

Note: while on this topic: What about smaller changes? For instance, having abyss be environmentally variable so that ponds of water, torches, or partly uneven terrain are present during specific moon phases. Could shake up things if managed well and make for some interesting strats, otherwise only possible in the overworld.

Anyhow, for the most part this is me throwing some thoughts I’ve had for some time. And while I’m at it, I should say, I still enjoy the game for the story and quests even if nothing additional is implemented. It’s simply that there’s much gameplay potential if the devs/planners decided to hit on it.

If anyone has comments/ideas/feedback I’d love to hear them. I’d like to know what others think.

It was supposed to be brief, but it never stays that way.

Edit: Congrats on the #10 btw!


If it comes to endgame I like the idea I heard in Zajef video.

It was basically just another diffilcuty lvl added to the weekly bounties.
It’s easy to implement, as it just requires increasing the lvl of enemies there (or maybe add some more interesting buffs/debuffs).
They could also remove the timers here as i feel they are useless at the moment and it would make a nice endgame content not that frustrating to newer players as they could just take their time doing them but also made players try out more different teams (due to enemy buff sometimes negating whole element).

Also yeah some event we had could definitely become permament, though I don’t think I would choose the last “sports” event as I feel it was rather boring.

At least they hinted that we will get a continuation for mushroom fights and there is also the card game coming so while it’s not combat endgame it’s still something.