Official JP Rolls Thread

I started a new account on the JP server just a few days ago. It was just to check out some of the upcoming Servants in the first place, but it’s also quite fun to start off from zero again.
And since a few others in the gamepress community play partly on JP servers as well, I thought, why not make a rolls thread for this as well. You don’t have to, but it’s there. So feel free to post some of your best rolls in JP if you want to.

Now how did I start off? With a Heracles. Yeah, he is fine, but I feel like he’s hard to handle at the very beginning.

Coincidentally there’s a Jalter Rate-up going on right now. And since the daily rewards in JP are excellent and I get a lot of SQ from the story, I did a single roll whenever I had the chance.

And I actually got Jalter on the sixth try. And man, that was some heavy lag before the summoning circle began to spin. Is it always lagging so hard in JP or is it just me?
Anyways, it’s really nice to have her on both servers. And I’m happy that I started playing in JP now, since I still can get Summer Jalter during the rerun. :grin:

Now feel free to share your rolls as well.


for when
i get arjuna alter

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Cool, congratulations for getting JAlter!
My last two rolls weren’t the best, except for Ibaraki, so maybe in the future I’ll share others rolls.

I got Jeanne Ruler on Jalter rate up… I’m… utterly speechless at this happenstance, and it happened day 14 on my only 10 roll i did…

The reason for the lag (most likely) is cause the Servers are all the way in Japan, there’s a great expanse of distance between there and wherever you are most likely. I tend to lag just all the more slightly than the English Version, then again who can really say… shrugs. It’s the story I’m using and I’m sticking to it until i have proof xD

Tossed a single ticket at that banner and got an OG Saber… I was aiming for Salieri so I got pleasantly surprised.
As a bonus I haven’t got her on NA .
I lack a fair bit of materials so she will be benched for a while. I’d like to get her third skill to 10 but I’m not desperate enough to farm the saber 40ap.

In general I try to avoid banners with Servants I have/want on NA… well the original plan was to roll for new additions and test the waters for NA.
I’ve found some servants I want and others I’m not rolling for.

Congratulations btw.

Passed on the Jalter banner as I already have her, and I didn’t want to tempt my fate and try to np2 her or get even a single copy of Salieri. Thankfully there’s the Extra Class banner up now :fgo_rinlaugh:

2 Multis.

I’ve had had great results with the Class banners in general lol.

1 Multi got me Ozy and a bunch of new horsies.

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Jalter banner
-NP5 Salieri
Osakabehime banner

imagine having half the amt of ssr i have in like 1/6 of my time

Rolled like 3 multi-rolls in the Jalter banner and only managed to get my second Tristan and NP5 Salieri. Jeez she always eludes me, be it on NA or on JP


wanted np 2 jeanne

np 2 literal waifu

There’s jeanne ruler rate up?

check the banners rn
extra class only gacha

and theres only 5 servants in the pool
snek avenger
and salieri

go wild
at worst
you get a free np 5 of an aoe arts avenger

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Alright, so for todays daily login reward, JP gave me 10 Tickets + 20 SQ.
So I was going to roll for Sitonai. Alter Ego+Illya+Not released in NA yet.
Did a few tickets. Was expecting a really long loading time in cases where it turns out to be an SSR.
Second Ticket: Rather short loading time, so I don’t bother waiting for it to reveal itself. Tap screen.

I’m one week into the game on JP Servers and it gave me Jalter and it gave me Jeanne.
No other SSR or SR yet (besides Herc from first roll). Something tells me I will most likely get Summer Jeanne as well, if it’s like that.
I don’t know what’s going on there.
At least Summer Jeanne would be a new for me.

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Luckier than i am… my first obligatory 10 roll gave me Herc and Marie Antoinette (who had the gold lights appear for her, and the one indicated to be put into party during tutorial), then i got Jeanne Ruler spook for a ten roll on Jalter Rate up.

Let me know how it is having Summer jeanne, not going to be buy SQ in JP version at all. Save for GSSR’s… maybe…

That is still better than me.
My starting servant was Tamamo Cat and I didn’t reroll since I merely planned on testing out support.

I started an account on the JP server some days ago just to check out some servants and to play when i run out of AP on NA server, i got and Nightingale in my first 10 rolls and this babe today from a single roll… a really unexpected luck after so many mapo tofu in NA :hushed:

Just started my account. 3rd YOLO single pull and…

I don’t know how good she is, but why do I not get this kind of luck on NA account lmao? I even got Carmilla after the tutorial who I am really happy with.

I feel the same… after Nightingale and Circe i got Altera too, much more luck than i had in my first weeks in NA

I’m exactly 2 weeks into JP now.
Got Jalter, Jeanne and yesterday Altera.
3 SSRs in 14 days.
Well, on the other hand I haven’t got a single SR, besides Herc from tutorial. But I ain’t complain about that. It just would be nice, if I at least got a newer Servant that isn’t on NA yet.

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buckle up, we’re giving a quick tutorial about how to circe

to put it simply, she functions like nitocris, but as a st
or well, functions the same as sanzo effectively

effectively with only 1 way to boost her np

damage, she aint gonna be doing much, compared to say, sheba, illya or shuten caster

but she makes up for it by being able to back to back np
like nito and sanzo
and like sanzo

she provides great team support with a def down, poison, debuff cleanse and crit drop increase

she also has a stun
now as for which servants turn into a pig, and which doesnt
good question, i dont actually know either


despite having a 0.39 np gain, you would think she would at least have a like 5-6 hit arts count to make up for it
nope 3 hits
thankfully, with enough arts chain, she can more than make up for it
and that np battery still is no joke

if your acc wasnt new i would suggest you slap some of the previous event ces like sumo, halloween princess or the miao yu ce on her
bring a waver
and do double np sheneigans

but alas, idk what to say for someone with a new acc and gets her
her mats are at least the cheapest amongst the gold st casters