OG Ike - speed build

So hes 10 flowers 100 trait fruits and 1 fallen Ike away from that build:

Trying to imitate F!Ike here by using my merged og Ike since i not a huge fan of F!Ike.
Will this get stuff done? (Arena PvE). Or is his speed just too low these days?

Yes i know his A slot and ss can be optimized thx to darting breath ss its more about if he’ll be able
to double stuff and if his b-slot will protect him. If anyone uses similar speed builds feel free to share your exprience.


We have Darting Breath as a Sacred Seal, so it’s pretty unecessary to have it in the A-slot.

A Spd Stance 3 on him would be better ; like, for example, you could get Kestrel Stance 3 and a DR skill from the same unit fodder, a.k.a. Say’ri.

Not to mention, the Guard effect will be very useful for his tankiness.

As for the Sacred Seal, you can’t go wrong with having a Spd Solo on there ; Atk/Spd, Spd/Def, Spd/Res ; whatever floats your boat.


For PvE he’s plenty fast; I use a Chrom with Spd build and he does great

For Arena though, don’t bother. He scores too low without R Duel Infantry 4, and thus is completely outclassed by Yen’fay




she’s not gonna see this, unless you want me to dm it to her


I see that gives me a pretty good idear.

How does he fare against red and colourless magic users / nukes?

Or do you use him for physical tanking only?

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I use Chrom in most Abyssals these days. Sealed Falchion is such an amazing weapon for tanking. Now, he will not be tanking a mage Abyssal boss by himself, and a strong mage will pick him off if he doesn’t have high health, but he can still hold himself admirably well.

For instance, he took on this TA Raven cav on L-Caeda’s Abyssal and came out in relatively good shape

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