OG Laegjarn Builds anyone?

So I’ve gotten 2 pity breaker Laegjarns. 1 +Spd and 1 +Atk. Anybody have any advice on which to go with and any cool builds for her?


@Tandor @KratosFredi

I’d say +Spd considering how high said stat is getting these days though. You need as much of it as you can get.

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Here’s what I did with her.

Her performance has not disappointed me (use her in all my Abyssal runs), but ultimately it depends on how much you want to invest in her as both Boons are stellar.


I made a simple build, probably needs some touch ups. If I get steady posture 3, I would probably give it to her, I don’t have anyone else in mind. Her spd and Def are her seeking point, along with a great prf weapon. An opponent that has Omnibuffs above +4 give her more stats her than the opponent.

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