OG Laegjarn: +Spd or +Def?

The summon luck today continues, randomly pulled two copies of Laegjarn nearly back-to-back while trying for Kiria. I like Laegjarn’s character in Book 2 and her unique skills, and am eager to find a great use for her soon.

This should be simple: do I go with +Spd or +Def IV on merge? I’m thinking +Spd is a clear winner unless there are compelling reasons to run her with a tankier build.

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Gotta go fast it is, then. Thanks.

Attack, Speed, or Res are her best IVs, and Res is only if looking to really invest in it for an omnitank meme build. Her Def is in a really good spot and only needs boosting if going all out Def-meme build.