OG Niles build ideas

Using him as a mage check for my team with the option for offense. He would have access to pulse support (summer xander), refresher (OG azura), and male morgan (buff/debuffer with res smoke).
Maybe aether with pulse or stick with glacies. Just not sure about the build to synergize with the team. He can run bonds, ploys, smokes, solo, fury brazen all to decent effect. Mystic boost would be nice, but alas no fodder (only 1 eir).

What About A Ploy Build,A Rally,And An Offensive A?

Thanks Carta, I don’t quite have the best offensive fodder or ploy without using grails. At the moment I’m trying attack/res bond, guard, speed smoke and seal is quick riposte. (+atk-def). Could put speed ploy in the seal or c slot. I didn’t want attack or speed ploy to overlap with grima’s truth debuff (-5) as opposed to -7 smoke skill. The b slot is flexible, but mystic boost, chill skill or renewal could work here.

I have a +10 Niles and he’s amazing with mystic boost, but sadly you don’t have the fodder.
I will go with double bond so he can be a good mage baiter on EP (like atk/res bond and speed/res bond).
The boring fury + desperation + iceberg could work too

I actually run my Niles with Mirror Stance/Guard/Atk Ploy/Spd Ploy and his bow (not refined yet.) and I love it. But, well, I’m very much an enemy phase kind of person.

Edit: Just saw the concerns about the debuff overlapping. That is a good point, and probably enough to warrant a different slot. If you run Renewal, that could help open up your A slot to use Fury a bit more safely, which would help him in general.