OG Ryoma, Testing things out


Still working on that whole +Res OG Ryoma thing. However, I’m kinda happy - this build’s doing me pretty well and I figured I’d post it and ask what y’all think. I’m trying to build Ryoma more for Enemy Phase and making use of his DC a bit more, and while I know stuff like tanking Reinhardt isn’t about to happen any time soon… I can at least /try/, right?


Vantage seems a bit odd for me.


I use Vantage for everything - I love the Vantage/DC combo bc it’s saved me so many times. If you have suggestions, though, shoot.


Well, if it works then there’s very little reason to change it. I get it. I ran DC + Vantage on my Donnel for the longest time. That combo, with Aether, really helped him stay alive. It’s not until recently that I actually changed his build.

Now that I’m thinking about it, there’s not many B skills that are really worth it. Chill Def can be an option. :thinking:


If you wanna make him tank Res, then Wynaut give him Spd/Res bond as a seal? It’ll raise both his speed to prevent doubles, and Res to tank better. Just a thought. I don’t even have this guy.


If you like to use Vantage then you could also build him with double brazen. This allows him to deal some extra damage as well when he has hit Vantage range. Since he has a defense boon you could then even give him double Brazen Atk/Def and Bonfire so he will hit very hard with his special as well. And thanks to his Distant Counter weapon he can still counterattack with double brazen at both ranges.