Oh God no (byleth)

My team usually consists of 1 Surtr, who has skills that’s speed up his Special gain, 2 dragons, who both have special gain skills, and a Keaton literally built around specials
Byleth just counters my specific team
Can’t wait to see my first Aether Failure in weeks
Of course, I could try to counter her with Delthea or S!Laegjarn. But someone with enough foresight would give her DC to counter ranged units, to make sure she can counter the units she’s supposed to counter.
I’m shaking and crying rn


Welcome to FEH where powercreeping is fun and interactive.


First, welcome to game press and nice avatar, second ,maybe you can try with a pretty tanky Lance (like B hector or LA eliwood ) or maybe you can go with a classic rheinart with sword braker

Maybe she has shitty res? So DC with ranged units isn’t really useful. If she has a high res then she’s a problem


S-Laegjarn should have little issue with Byleth, even with DC. As long as she doubles, she’ll hit Byleth twice before Byleth can counter thanks to her weapon (the only thing that would block it is Hardy Bearing, and that’s usually reserved for Ophelia and L-Alm). Unless Byleth has an obscene Speed and/or Res stat, Laegjarn should be fine.

Where’s Alm?!
Like I’m one to talk…

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If you build your dragons with a speedy build, in theory they can prevent Byleth from using her special since she can’t naturally double if the dragons are fast enough.

Only if Byleth’s the one initiating though. And also only when she isn’t in Wrath range.

Yeah, that’s the problem with my suggestion.

Your username makes me happy.

I have nothing to worry about because like any other red, green, or colorless character in the game, she will find herself crashing into a wall of Tobin and dying promptly after.


Seems like we watch the same stuff


I also like your Vincent Valentine picture :feh_corrinmug:

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But Bow, what about Sae?

The true Persona beauty



Sae, Makoto, Futaba… Oof my heart, don’t make me choose. x.x

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You :clap: are :clap: the :clap: fuckin’ :clap: best :clap:

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I :clap: do :clap: try :clap:

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I’m away for 5 seconds and this turns into a p5 waifu debate
grabs sword As the leader of the cult of Futaba, you will all die


It’s fine

Kanji will always be the best Persona waifu anyway



The best p4 girl is that fat jerk whose name I don’t remember

Oh Kanji, the best P4 character :purple_heart:

I was even jealous of Naoto, during the game

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