kill me. And THIS is the only map I can fight, since I’ll have less than 49 Aether!?

I’d rather die.

Actually, I beat it.

No one died. I used Female Robin, Odin, Naga, Winter Fae and Idunn. Everything actually worked out. Plus, my Fortress was the same level theirs was


Great job! :hridexcited:

I was about to say, don’t you use Naga and Odin I don’t see the issue

Sometimes you just gotta do it!


I’m proud of myself. Whoever came up with the idea to bring Female Robin, there’s not enough thank yous, in the world, to give you. But I’ll try:



See? Negativity will only bring you down, unless you try and actually beat it - just like you did.


And I was about to forfeit too, but what I did was:

Turn 1 (Me): Odin breaks down the wall and everyone gets ready to take out trash 1, trash 2 and Halloween Myrrh. Idunn and Fae go over to kill Veronica.
Turn 1 (Enemy): Trash 1 and Myrrh can now move 2 spaces.
Turn 2 (Me): Robin kills Trash 1 and Naga Repositions them back, so Trash 2 can’t kill them. Fae steps on the real Gravity Trap and Idunn is behind her
Turn 2 (Enemy): Trash 2 moves down 2 spaces and is next to the Aether Fountain.
Turn 3 (Me): Robin kills Trash 2 and Odin kills Myrrh. Fae destroys the gate and Idunn swaps with her.
Turn 3 (Enemy): The Bolt Tower hurts Fae and Idunn.
Turn 4 (Me): I move everyone closer to Eir and Veronica. Fae is where the fake Gravity Trap is and Idunn is where the Bolt Tower was.
Turn 4 (Enemy): Eir and Idunn hurt each other, but no one dies. Veronica does no damage to Fae.
Turn 5 (Me): Odin is Repositioned towards the healing tower and kills Eir. Fae breaks a structure and Veronica can move. Idunn swaps with Robin, since she had 1 HP left.
Turn 5 (Enemy): Veronica does damage to Robin.
Turn 6 (Me): Veronica is killed by Robin


I simply wish to educate those on how good the OG Robins are.
Here’s some Robin art I found and it’s beautiful.


Robin was next to Naga, through a majority of this fight, so looks like I’ll drop Eir. She was fine to have as a bonus ally, but I think I’ve found the counter to the take out the trash. Introducing, Female Robin, the Waste Collector!

She’ll be 40+3 tomorrow. I just need to get some more feathers (2,000 of them. And before you ask, I’ve already beaten all of Clarisse’s and Ursula’s maps). She’s a janitor now. Gotta SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP! (Even though she’s not a firesweep user.)