Oh good Hunter time to hunt some mats!

So hunt quests are starting in 2 days.
Imo if you are out of mats and can’t wait for the Lottery this is the best time to hunt some mats and skill gems.

So the first hunt is Skeleton’s they drop Saber Skill gems and Bones so better get on that…All the enemies are sabers.

Second Day of hunting is…Lamias(I hate Snakes) This node is for Caster gems and Serpent jewel If you don’t have jewels…All the Enemies are casters you know what to do.

Third Day of hunting is Hydra And Wyverns…The node for Fangs and Divine wine and Rider Gems…All the Battles start with Rider/Rider/Archer

Fourth Day (Best node Imo) is Chimera and Dark Warrior…Node for Seiba and Basaka Gems With Claws and Refined magatama…battles are Seiba/Seiba/Basaka.

Fifth Day is Dragon And Basilisk I ain’t got no farmer Seiba so it’s gonna be pain (But Musashi is topest of tier waifus so I’m not mad)
For this Battle it goes>Lancer/Lancer/Rider

And Sixth And Final day and the one most of you are waiting for is Automata Node.
Pretty Straightforward Node All the Battles are Assassins Everyone Wants gears so let loose.

So that is it for Hunting Quests…get those Gears and Bones because you gonna need them.

NOTE I haven’t done Persona style in a long long while and this is my pathetic attempt at trying to replicate the from the game.


Why does it look like this was made for Persona


Way back when I used to have an archive of persona stuff on my PC i discovered it today so I wanted to see how much rusty I got with this style.
Plus wanted to talk about hunting quests because nothing is happening Till imperial city.


Anyone know what the death rate on the the hunting quest skeletons is? 100% or 80%? Wondering if Nitocris can for sure insta kill the first two waves at only 100% OC or if 200% is required for the guarantee.

Just trying to puzzle out a macroable 3T comp and double Nitocris would be great so I can use grailed Arash on w3 instead of w2… But missing a death on a 60k skeleton would be death to my plans…


Bronze one is 100%.

While the Gold one is 5%.


Perfect! I was having trouble finding the enemy death chance on GP, I thought there was a list before…


It seems Nitocris is gonna be among the MVPs of this event.


I’m pretty sure I’ve got my lineups figured out. Tawara will get a workout D1 against the skeletons (him/Ishtar/Raikou (hopefully, the Skeletons have the “Demonic” trait). Claw day will be pretty much the same but I’ll figure out what to bring for the single Chimaera in W3 (Beast, but Cu won’t be able to. I’m thinking maybe my Saber Fran?) And then the last day Gears will be Helena/Ana/Sanzang (with a superscope and both Arts buffs (Helena’s + her own) Ana should get to 30% refund really easily…but then throw in Sanzang’s 3rd skill and I’m willing to just say it’s a guarantee (30% refund + Helena 20 + Ana 50 for back to back). IF Helena doesn’t get her NP damage to proc W3 she might not clear it, but I’ll give her the Arctic Atk/NP damage boost to help balance that out somewhat.

The other ones I don’t think I’m going to do much on (maybe Snake Jewels?)…if Fangs had a good drop rate I’d go there but they do not.


Got my 3T setup done for sabers: W1 and W2 Nitocris, W3 Arash. Going simple is the best!

Too bad both are at bond 10, but bones matter more than bond farming! If only I didn’t get so many embers… I’m probably going to have to burn some of them.


Gil for me will be the main star again.

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My level 90 Nitocris is ready!:partying_face:


I’m sorry if this is a bit off Topic, but is anyone here who cant unlock one of 10ml download Champaign master mission that said “complete '2 hunting quest 'missions”? I already done these quest 4-5 times but it doesnt unlocked until now. Is this bug?


Bones…and saber embers…just in time for leveling my shiny new SSR sabers. Looks like it’s farm o’clock.

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Maybe it gets cleared when you do one node tomorrow?


It’s probably for completing two different types of hunting quests, ie bone and snake eye, since different bone nodes and repeated bone nodes don’t.


Will try it. Thanks for the reply

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I see. Will try it, thanks.

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My Gil is sufficiently overworked but my set up means I can’t one shot the last wave due to bond farming and EXP farming with the other shop CEs… Sumanai…

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Using Arash-Sparty-Ishtar(NP1)-Waver, I can’t 3T while levelling Arctic MC.

Avoiding plugsuit is hard if you are not whale. XD

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I’ve been running a Nitocris, Spartacus and Arash set up given that nobody on FL is putting her Nitocris on display. Aside from that, 99.9% of my runs have been 3T with one Arash under performing and the other because of a screw up.

Other than that, i’ve gotten so many bones with just 7 Golden Apples but i think i’ll stop at that number because i just wanted enough bones for Ascension.

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