Oh Hey, a New Powercrept Unit

Horse Chrom II is a uniquely oppressive unit that reminds me a lot of Brave Lyn’s release.
He’s got cavalry range, Canto, a movement assist, and an offensive stat line that can tear through my strongest units with ease.

Even at +1, he’s a powerful unit, and I wouldn’t be surprised if lots of people pick him for their free summon.

I foddered his skills off to a Gen 1 unit, and I have nowhere near enough DF to finish her.

I regret nothing.



used the P!Naesala manual to nab the V2 and V3 of the Trace


I thought about doing that too
But my simpery won and I got him to 2+

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I respect that.

If the day ever comes when a healer Lucina is added to the game…I may just be forced to simp.

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Also, I made a thing: