Oh look at that fodder for Kronya

Well, what can I say. Thought I wouldn’t be able to do the build I wanted to for her but hell my Saizo has CC and Savage Blow, and now I have Lull Spd/Def… her BHB can’t come any sooner

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Still wanting some Spiral fodder. :eyes:

I’ll gladly take SS fodder for Ophelia

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Nope never, I don’t use Males in the first place unless I absolutely have to so he has no use for me


On the contrary, I use much more male units than female units :man_shrugging:
Personal preference

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Because I prefer to use female units more than males… always have and always will, if you think I’m sexist against my own gender that’s fine by me I could care less, I stopped caring about what people think about me years ago

I don’t mean it seriously :3
But you’re missing out on a lot of fun/good units like that.

Eh that’s debatable for me, a lot of my female units can pretty much play the same way as a lot of the male units, the only Male unit I actually do use only because of his Sword and C skill is L.iwood since he can buff FF.Corrin to the max and just watch as she just kill’s everything

There is still a ton of male units that can do things no female unit can do.

Give me a few

So taking your words of not caring what people think as literal as possible, I assume you won’t mind what I have to say.

First off, the quote is “I couldn’t care less”. Originally it was said as all one syllable(There was no “d” sound), so people assumed it was could, not couldn’t. If you could care less, then do it.

Secondly, the fact that you pay attention to a unit’s gender on how you use them instead of their stats baffles me. I understand trying to go with a theme on some things, but to straight up ignore a full gender(Except one) is ridiculous. You can state nearly any male unit with a Prf that does something a female unit can’t. Why? Because it’s the Prf, not their gender silly.

Hector’s Armads, Alm’s Brave Falchion, the list goes on…


Tibarn, Naesala, Keaton, WT!Reinhardt, Mordecai, Kaden, F!Berkut, Black Kinght/Zelgius, L!Alm, OG!Alm, Lewyn, Hríd, V!Ike and many more.


It’a not just Fire Emblem that I don’t use Males… it’s literally every game I play with a few exceptions. If a game gives me the option to play male or females 99% of the time I always play female, the only time I really ever use male units is in Pokémon and that’s only because I like having my Pokémon the gender they look most like. Hector and all of his alt’s I could care less about he’s just DC fodder to me, Brave Falchion Alm, for how much I do like it not only have I’ve still yet to get Alm, the one skill you need most is not only locked behind a 5* Mythic unit but also that very same unit I’m merging so eh

If that’s how you want to play then do it I guess.
I just think it’s a terrible way of playing a game like Feh, since you’re essentially ignoring half the roster for no good reason.




Tibarn is just SI fodder to me, and literally all I need to do is give someone Null follow up and bam, Naesala isn’t his weapon effect the same as flyNino, Keaton and Reinhardt I can’t get around but with both being red and bad mix tanking eh, Mordi and Kaden I don’t need their buffing, F.Berkut you mean WS4 fodder, I already hate most Armored units and red Armored are probably the most boring and Black Luna isn’t even that great, L.Alm tank killer my Setsuna can do the same just takes longer, the only thing Lwyen has at his advantage is SS and that’s more fodder to me, Hrid again DC fodder, V.Ike look back at the BK/Zel. Hector every Hector including his alt’s that I’ve ever gotten have all been his best IV’s and he was just DC fodder. The point is I don’t care about how units play

Could care less

Then care less :slight_smile: