Oh look more 3% 5*

And Brazen Atk/Spd fodder for Setsuna just in time for that TT Brazen Atk/Spd seal for her. BTW both are +Atk -Def… it’s only what she gets for not being FF.Corrin

Was originally not gonna summon on the banner again but figured Yolo theirs like 8 days left so might as well see what I can get

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Remembers getting Garbage!Tiki


Shorten it to G!Tiki, surprised you’re willing to type out the whole word for how much you hate her

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Cries in 3 G!Tiki’s

oh well,Special Fighter fodder and the 3rd one was + Res, so I got me a very tanky Tiki at + 1 ,so not all bad,I guess. Still,Corrin,why do you hate us?..

I actually got two of Corrin. They were all fodder on colorless anyway so I just let the chips lie where they choose

I was lucky enough to get 3 FF.Corrins, but lost my chance at 6 more do to 3 G.Tiki’s, and 3 pity breakers

Damn,that would’ve been sweet.Still,congrats on your pulls!

Yah it definitely would have been amazing if I only gotten FF.Corrin’s especially since I plan to try to +10 her (or at least get as close as I can) the next time she comes around

Hey, a Matthew! That’s some real luck there.

I’m at 4.25
Not one

I just found her, +atk -res, at 3%. I know, I should be happy, now I have all the focus units except Berkut, but I only wanted him from this fucking banner

I don’t even know if I should still try, using the TT orbs, or just give up