Oh, Lyn! You're a wonder! :feh_florina:

The first ninja banner has returned. I’ve been saving my orbs for the moment to finish the merges on Ninja Lyn.

With somewhere between 1050 orbs, I went ahead, aware of the dangers of colorless hell. It’s a risk worthy of diving in :feh_royyes:

The free copy given to everyone, the free one I got from that single time banner to randomly summon a 2020 seasonal hero and the three ones I got in A Hero Rises. For this rerun, only 6 copies left for completion!

On the first day, caved 200 orbs. A few valuable 4-star specials abound, then midpoint spending, I got my first green bunny! :feh_bunny:

But no sign of Lyn yet. Second day, more 200 orbs. This time I got a lot of 4-star specials. And finally a Lyn! :feh_florina:

To my surprise, I also got someone I wanted so much, but couldn’t afford to chase him because I was saving. The Brave Hero King! :feh_barstpog:

On the next days, luck was definitely not on my side. Not a single 5-star or 4-star appeared, the curse of colorless hell was fierce!
Then, at last, with 300ish orbs and a high rate, she came home.

The day ended with 216 orbs remaining.
I though to myself that I could never finish Lyn at this rate. 800 orbs and only two copies of my target? I was starting to give up on hope… :catcry:

Unsatisfied, I thought to myself that it was time to spend more than the daily 200 orbs on the fourth day. So I jumped to the summoning screen.


The remaining 4 copies arrived! :fgo_serenityay:

I was very surprised that they all came quickly compared to the other ones and I became a very happy summoner :feh_deirdrehappy:

All summons condensed + build:



:feh_lynfingers: :feh_lynfingers:

But wait, there's more!

Slightly after I was giving up, part of me wanted to go for the Double Special Heroes since I haven’t even done the free summons. Tried to do a “luck refresh” before going for the ninjas. And boy, was I super happy with a total of 83 orbs on that banner! :feh_faewow:


At least one unit of every color, with two of them being Harmonics? I couldn’t ask for better!! :e7_ravisob:

Now I go back on saving while thinking of who will be my next targets / projects. See ya :feh_lysitheawave:


Well damn. I spent about the same number of orbs (probably somewhere around 1,100) and barely got the three copies I needed.

Congrats, hell of fun unit to use on every game mode.


Congratulations on finishing Lynja, she is still a deadly player phase unit.


Congrats! :feh_flaynsmile:

I’m glad your luck turned around in the end :fgo_jeannyes:. She’s really broken lol so I hope you have fun with her :fgo_ereshwoah: