Oh Martha you vixen you! When did you get ani updates!?

When did she get these? I didn’t read anything about updates to her NP and attack animations recently.
She now smacks the Tarasque on the ass to send him flying. Love it.

Lostbelt 1 update bring in some early animation updates


We got 6 actually with the first lostbelt including Kiyohime, farming with her feels nice now.

Oh nice. Would have been nice for them to list em along side Mash’s update.

It was listed in the news under the section: [Chaldea PR] New Info from “Chaldea Broadcasting Station U.S. Branch Vol.7”

Likely was listed separately since JP didn’t get these animation updates at the start of the Lostbelt, they got them later on at different times. The servants to get updates were: Dantes, Martha Rider, Medusa Lily, Kiyohime, Fuuma and Jing Ke.


Marie and Stheno when Aniplex?



here is the news about it

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Oh I didn’t check that news. Those updates are normally just “watch the broadcast! Blah blah!”. Still happy for her update. Her attack animations were dull.

Hopefully they fast-track those as well as others since the animation updates really breathe life into old characters that aren’t very visually fun to use in battle due to launch animations.

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I just hope they hold off on Altria’s update. I honestly like her current np animation better.

NP - partially
everything else - ■■■■ no

If we get that update within the year I will be more than happy


True enough.

Still holding out some hope that they might decide to launch Gil’s update for this year’s Gilfest rather than the next. I’m told that Gil’s refresh is noted for a gag of some sort (you fight old animation Gil, I think?), but whatever, gimme now.

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2nd GilFest: He makes fun to Ishtar because she didn’t got an animation update (atm) while he did

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saw ppl bringing this up as an argument for why gil cant get an animation update

and not sure if ppl just forgot the joke or werent around but you all do realise
guda guda 2 had an excat same joke like this

where emiya medea and medusa had recently gotten an animation update before the event in jp
so medea was commenting on their squad being the new animation update squad

and that joke was still kept on na despite it making zero sense since they were all updated from day 1

i know jokes are very serious buisness but come on

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It’s not so much an argument as to why he shouldn’t get it; it’s being cited as the most likely flimsy reason why we may not get it early.

Well, Emiya was updated day 1, the other two were a bit after, but the point still stands.

Tbh I think I like her new sprite a little too much. I never used her much since getting her in my tutorial summon because I didn’t like her sprite, but now that it actually looks great I’ve been using her for every free quest on Anastasia despite all the assassins. The novelty will wear off eventually, but man this is a really solid improvement.