Oh shit new chars

Oke oke its not Straze, but also cool

The motherfucking Archdemon Mercedes bitch

Looks pretty dope tbh
The first boss I had problems with will now be playable, nice
Gonna take a hard guess shes gonna be a cleaver (that would be cool)

And then another one

Ive absolutely no idea who the fuck this is
Read that its apparently Mistychain?
I guess thats cool for people who like her yay?

Anyways eager to know what kind of broken shit Mercedes is gonna get :catdestroy:


My Mystics are in danger again


My mystics cant be in danger since I dont have any :catdestroy:

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Oh Lain plays another Gacha

Is Epic Seven any good?

“Sees archdemon Mercedes”

Me: ABOUT ■■■■■■ TIME!

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I can personally say that most units are good depending on your 4 man team comp, gear, and who you want to work up the most. ALSO, thank god for the journal feature to actually test characters you want but don’t have plus the benefit of seeing there maxed stats to compare with the other units available to obtain.

Of course some characters can make some levels/modes easier than others but almost all units are usable. Compared with most gachas you can definitely f2p this game with some time in the grind to make good progress.

Only catch is the summon rates itself being at 1% and sparking on a particular unit if unlucky will take 121 summons but is offset thanks to the free daily summon

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Thanks for the opinion now I will say “I’ll pass”

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Wow, why did they give her that voice? :e7_ravisob:

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it sucks

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