Oh that age old Forma question, Halloween Myrrh edition (with poll)

So, it’s time to ask that question. Now normally I’m very strict with my Forma souls, only using them on +10 units or units I plan to +10, but near save is hard to pass up, especially when I don’t have anyone else with it. Here’s what my Myrrh looks like so far:

Weapon is blackfire, but will be replaced with Pale Breath, and special is just noontime or something, so also ignorable.

The merge count is what it will look like after forma-ing.

So here we are:

Is it worth getting Myrrh?
  • Yes, get Myrrh
  • No, keep the forma soul

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I do also have a few torches left, so I can try and get something if it will change your vote.


I’d get her only if you really don’t mind to use the forma on her. The save skills are too good to pass the opportunity and the skillset is perfect :sparkles:


Unless she is a favorite and you plan to +10 or have in your barracks until the end of the game spend your soul on her, else you can save it for another unit.
I personally will get Dozla just because mine got daring fighter and i know that with the spd IV his spd is decent and can make good use of the skill, I may not +10 him ever but he will be one of my favorites, so the soul is worth it.
Next HoF may have Illyana which is another good armor and she can get the far save, also her manual to make her +1 is on the gen 2 of manuals.
Go for units you like, or need and that you can hardly substitute with units that you can spark.

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Myrrh is good girl, she deserves all Forma Souls


I’m not 100% F2P, so I will buy a soul if I want. I do like Myrrh, but the main draw is really getting a near save unit, which I don’t have. The main thing holding me back is the lack of merges, and less than ideal kit.

It’s very good, but since she can get penalty neutralization in her weapon, I would have preferred crafty for the guard effect, or bracing or guard.


I’d say get her, but solely because she’s more likely to get a refine than other seasonals imo.


I voted yes because her refine is not too far away and she is a really good unit.

Her PRF has a conditional guaranteed follow up (that will probably improve with her refine) so one part of slick fighter can become a little redundant. Maybe Special fighter could become more useful?

Also try to get Blue flame!


It’s a bit further away than you’d think. We still have Bridal Tharja’s refine in waiting, and we got three more before Myrrh’s comes next.

On that note though…

I honestly tried, no dice on Save Skills (though I do have a copy of each Save skill as needed).

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