Oh Tibarn What to Do With You?

Not sure which to keep. I figured I’d fodder him, so merging him anytime soon doesn’t lookbto be in his future. The Lvl 40 was the first one I got … I also got a +Def - HP, but I figured an ATK boon is the better option. Thanks for any thoughts.

I’d go with the -Spd one personally, just because his prf already grants him a follow up and Sturdy Impact blocks any follow ups. Plus those extra Def points (on top of SI) helps him take little to no damage from physical units. His Spd is negligible.


I’d say go for -DEF as with Sturdy Impact active he’ll still hit over 40 Defense when attacking and given there’s skills out there that can block follow-ups the extra speed can help him win the speed check and double even through those skills.

That was kinda my thout process, but wasn’t sure if I overlooked something… Thanks

You merge. :ardenwoke:


Yes, merging him would be nice, but he has some good skills that are fun to put on other heroes. Don’t want to merge him and then pull someone who could really shine witb one of those prime skills he has…

Clearly the answer is to pull again until you get +ATK, -RES

Seriously though, his SPD and DEF are both useful. With a speed bane, he loses the ability to double most armors not named Surtr who have Wary Fighter (but not Thunder Armads) at +0. With a def bane, he loses some matchups vs. lance units with high defense.

Depends if you’re actually going to use him or not.

Me? Sometimes I am pretty dumb. I really like his character, and loved Radiant Dawn and Path of Radiance, so naturally I want to keep him in my barracks. Do you know how many times I’ve used him? Like zero. Maybe if they had beast-only quests each month, I would use him, but there’s just no reason to. I think I use him for Arena assault - I can assemble a good beast them there. And no, I never gave him Galeforce - it’s just base kit.

So… what I should have done since I pulled him when he was released was fodder him off to the first unit that needed his Sturdy Impact. When I look at my barracks now, I’m thinking Legendary Lucina is a pretty good user for it, and I use her on an IP defense team.

I’m going to give the same advice. Do you use him? If not, don’t be like me and fodder it to someone who needs it. If all you want to do is use in Arena Assault, pick one - doesn’t matter - and fodder off the other.

If you plan to do what @Krazytre did because he’s an essential part of your AR offense team, then merge.

I’d caution merging in AR-O if you’re keeping Galeforce. Or if you do, ATK boon may not be the best, because you sometimes won’t activate galeforce if your attack is too high and you kill the enemy in one hit.

Given infinite resources, I’d like a Tibarn +ATK, +0, and a +ATK or DEF +10 in my AR teams vs. different lineups, but obviously, that would be silly most of the time.

As for the best Sturdy Impact fodder for L!Lucina, you should give her S!Lyn (Impact + the best possible Link skill).

But Summer Lyn! LOL. I have to seriously think about that one… but yeah, probably a better one to get rid of. Tibarn can potentially be a rock star, and Summer Lyn is hit and miss - depends on situation. I did enjoy using her while she was a bonus unit though. She rocked it pretty hard :+1: I love Lyn… :( I really need to think on this one. Thanks for that.

Actually, Sturdy Blow 2 is a really annoying fodder… it’s 5* locked? :/ I’d need to use 20k feathers on Athena to be able to move both the link and sturdy impact over.

I also have Brave Lucina, but she has merges, a breath skill and qr3. That’s not a good option. If I were to fodder her, the breath skill and qr3 would absolutely have to be salvaged.