Ok, Ok, Ok, I'll do it

Now that Lilina is +10 should I change my Proxy Unit?
My proxy is currently Roy:

And Lilina:

Obviously I’ve invested more in Roy, but I don’t know if Lilina should repla… ahem! Be my proxy instead?
Also, My ID is 1710163217.


I’d keep Roy, unless you also invest heavily on Lilina.

Nice merge project choices. Let me show you mine:


Ok, Ok, Ok, I’ll do it


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Child, take my Roy’s, I have like 5 extras :p


Lol, that Roy build. Certainly unorthodox.


Mine or @Dannwond 's?

whoever needs it :p

I wish I could.

Pretty sure yours.


Fury with Wrath isn’t too unusual, but considering the unit it’s on it’s a bit odd. Threaten Def isn’t all that great and Chill Def seal is better on someone else.


I mean… it works for me. Threaten Def is there because I had nothing better though.

Oh, it’s not a bad build, just an odd one. If it works then it works.

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Ummmmm… QR refine, fury 4, wrath, and no healing… That’s, um, unique

He’s got healer support so he doesn’t need to heal himself.

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Lilina is better than Roy imo, especially if you have the right units to fodder for certain skills like DB4 and Special Spiral

Life and death 4 would be better with that build, Suyanomi.

Saying a nuke is better than a tank is not a very fair comparison

Tbh I’d rather take that +14 atk during battle phase which gives me a total of +20 because of odd atk wave (or if my Peony and L!Azura both granted her another action), and I don’t really want to lower her res or defense even further, because that’ll make it easier for her to die, instead of Lilina surviving and having enough HP for wings of mercy