Ok, so I'm possibly hopefully maybe finally getting a Switch this Christmas and y'all know 3H is one of the first things I'm getting. Persuade me what House to choose first (with no spoilers)

Ok, so I know everyone is talking about the new Winter banner and stuff but I need some help. Well… Not “help” per se, because I was a Golden Deer guy day one, but I just want some opinions from everyone on which House I should choose first. And this is like “which House should I go in order from first to last?” kinda opinions. I just want to know what everyone thinks of each house (without spoilers, of course) and weigh them in comparison to each other so I can hear some colorful opinions and possibly persuade me for each side. Again, I’m not keeping my hopes too high for 3H since people are saying it’s the best in the series. But people also said Sacred Stones was the easiest in the series and look how that game turned out for me. So I’m keeping my expectations relatively lowish for the most part, especially since there are a few things I don’t really care for in the game already like every character kinda having bland and similar designs due to the school uniforms, being an example. But, who knows.
Anyway, that was a useless tangent near the end lol. But yeah, convince me on which house is the best. Thoroughly, not just because “X House has X character”. Does each house have a different story? Is the ending different compared to the others? Which one has the best cast? Stuff like that.

Also, sorry I’ve been absent as of late. School, exams, dramatic arts shows, just stuff :p


I’m a fan of Golden Deer. It provides a lot of back story compared to the other routes(Which is kinda disappointing for said routes) and overall I think it’s a good first path due to how neutral it is. This is something I think is important as it gives you an understanding of a bit of every character’s intentions and why they do the things they do without giving you a bias as to who is right and wrong.

Because you asked, each house can vary from having a different story from the other houses(EX: Some routes play similarly until late game), but ultimately, will change quite a bit towards the end. With that said every house/path has their very own ending that’s very different from the rest.

I think Golden Deer has the best cast IMO. Black Eagles comes in second, but I haven’t finished up BE or even started Blue Lions(But I have a general idea on everything that happens).

I did want to add, and again this is only because you asked, the way time works in 3H is a month by month thing and for the most part every house plays the same for about 10 months. Which is pretty disappointing for those wanting to play all the routes.

If you’re going to do Black Eagles, I would message someone about that as there’s something very important in that route that you’re required to do and is easily missable.


Regardless of what you choose first, playing through each route gives you a different perspective, so I’d recommend playing all of them eventually. All the houses have their strengths and weaknesses and you never get the full story from a single playthrough. I will tell you though, one of the houses has 2 potential paths you can take that are drastically different depending on the choices you make.

Edit: yeah, it’s Black Eagles lol. Others already said it so I might as well


Well, I’d say in terms of uniqueness.

Black Eagles.

Blue Lions is a great story with a plot hole or two, great lord character. And Golden Deer is also good. But considering that Black eagles divides the fanbase a lot, and has 2 very unique plots (you’ll see what I mean by that later), alongside a lot of lying, and stuff. It’s very, very fun. Plus, its probably the path you want to do first, that or Golden Deer for the sake of context.

No other route aside from the Silver Snow route, and Verdant Wind (BE and Golden Deer), explain the backstory at all. So its best to run those for the actual backstory, and plot of the world. At least, that’s how I see it.

Also, not sure if this counts as spoiler. But there is a “route split” in Black Eagles. So Black eagles has 2 endings. One is harder, shorter, a bit weirder. The other one is the default route, and is the backstory intensive one (which is very similar to Verdant Wind, so its up to you which one you want).

TLDR; I recommend Golden Deer or Black Eagles first. More backstory on those two than the others. Then I’d say Blue Lions is a good one for a lot of character based story. And then whatevers left.


I can only recommend Blue Lions personally.

I found it to be the best route by far and all other routes feel very underwhelming to me in comparison. Though just like every route it obviously has its fair share of problems.


It isn’t that its easily missable, and that its more something people are afraid of doing because it says you’ll loose the week. Which isn’t true, the game just worded it weirdly. Bunch of friends avoided doing said thing because they wanted to min max and forgot at the end of their day.

And I agree with Verdant Wind being a good starting point. Good cast, not as dark as the other three routes, with a fair share of laughs. It feels more like a classic FE experience, if I’m being honest.

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Black Eagles has an interesting PoV on the story.

BL has a lot of character development and is more “focused”

The Deer house is memey but it’s pretty fun (and yeah, lore galore).

The BE #2 route is a mix or BE 1 and GD, but unsure if it’s as good as either one.

Just have fun with it and go Golden Deer.

I completely missed it lol.


The game doesn’t make it apparent that you need to… do THAT. So yeah I missed it completely too

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Just posting my bias


You got the BE’s backwards.

BE1 (Silver Snow), and BE2(Crimson Flower).

BE1 is GD but with a lot more backstory into Byleth, and Rhea.
BE2 is Edel’s focus on the story, but focused solely on her PoV, and nothing else matters. Which really makes everything she does look great through rose tinted glasses. But that’s another topic entirely.


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3H ending route spoilers

It’s especially easy to miss when you’re doing it on a NG+. Like, I was spending all my time doing everything but talking to people because that’s what I did in GD.

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I’m going to throw another vote in for Blue Lion. I feel like it gives you a pretty compelling story, a good cast, but doesn’t overwhelm you with details. And leaves you secrets to find out from playing the other routes too! I think Black Eagle is probably the worst one to start with tbh.

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I always talk to the students at the start of the month, and in the middle of the month. Inbetween that it was fighting.

I talked to her, saved before. So when she said, can we go talk, I just rewound the save, did everything in the day, talked to her, and it was peachy.

Oh yeah you can miss it. It is a side route, notably because its damn shorter than all the other routes, so its unsurprising they’d make it an option.

I vote for Golden Deer, but my vote is not really relevant, since I only finished one route, as I didn’t have that much time to play. I was really satisfied with my choice tho if that matters.


Hmm… interesting…

Haven’t played FETH yet, but that’s what I was able to piece together.

Thanks for the correction!

If we’re talking Crimson Flowres Black Eagles, I agree.

If we’re talking Silver Snow Black Eagles, its similar enough to Golden Deer to not be a huge problem. So overall, its actually not half bad.

But yeah Blue Lions is a good first story to play, even with its plotholes. Plus Dimitri is best Lord.

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I explained my reasoning in my hidden response. Under any other circumstances and I would have realized.

i’d say do either golden deer or blue lions first.
Claude’s a cool guy and his route is also pretty cool, has the best final battle music imo.
and blue lions route hits you like a truck when you play it for the first time with no prior knowledge about the game.

what kind of ■■■■■■ title is that