Ok, so just hypotheticly. -Brash Assault built-

I mean…
66-70 atk
43-47 def
42 res
On player phase, with dragon effectiveness.

That ain’t so bad? Can Brash Assault finally see some use?

Hell, as we speak… Why not go even further?


Looks really cool actually, that could work :thinking:
Problem is that he’ll still take some damage while fighting, and will die soon because he’s under 50% HP, despite his bulk.
Maybe a way to keep him consistently healed would be nice, but it might deactivate Brash Assault :thinking:


Well part of the idea is dancers, preferbly one with WoM that can keep him buffed up.
Hell, close guard might have a place too. Since that skill works in both phases (yes really)

There are ways to push it from the outside, and he’s not totally useless in the enemy phase either (especially with the lull build)





Thinking is very important :feh_eirikathink:

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He’s taking too much damage. He’ll have to get pretty low to actually get Brash Assault active, and when it is he’ll still take damage from combat unless he’s fighting a non CC ranged unit.

Probably so.

How about adding this little tool?

(And a WoM dancer)

Still not really safe. If anything, you’re probably better off running someone like M!Corrin, Marth, etc. And even then, I’m not entirely sure how a WoM refresher is really helping rectify the issue. He still might end up taking too much damage before or after reaching Brash Assault range, even with an Impact skill.

Unless you can somehow control just how much damage he’s receiving, then sure, but it seems too risky.

Brash assault is activated whenever you are low on health. Perhaps if you use Brash Assault in your B-Slot, you could have Brazen Atk/Def in your Seal instead of Sturdy Blow.

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Thought about that.
It does increase his max potential, at the cost of his potential at high hp.

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